Rentals in Pisa: a guide to neighborhoods and areas

Rentals in Pisa: a guide to neighborhoods and areas

Pisa is both a provincial capital and one of the most important university cities not only in Tuscany but in the whole of Italy. The settlement extends within the floodplain of the Arno River, which runs through the historic center. In addition, it must be remembered that the number of residents doubles during working days as residents are joined by commuter workers who come from all over the province and, of course, university students, nearly 50,000. Many people commute, but just as many rent a room in the city. A small, pedestrian-friendly city with a small, historic center, Pisa is a livable city where commuting by foot or public transportation is preferred over driving. The small size of the city and at the same time the massive presence of off-site college students have caused the emergence of a highly concentrated housing market where rents are higher than average. A separate discussion concerns rents for college students. If you are looking for a room or apartment for rent in Pisa, please read this article carefully!

Pisa is divided into two zones, south and north of the Arno River course, respectively. There are four main districts, which within them are themselves divided into characteristic zones, however, there are also other semi-central and suburban districts.

Neighborhood of St. Francis [Centro zona Nord]

The district of San Francesco is part of the historic center proper of Pisa, although it is located outside the oldest circle of walls. For this reason it was once called the Foriporta neighborhood, but in 1860 it received its current name because of the presence of a church dedicated to St. Francis. It is located very close to the Santa Maria neighborhood, so it is very convenient and the ideal starting point to reach all the major points of interest both from a historical and tourist point of view. Moreover, in the neighborhood of San Francesco, as in that of Santa Maria, much of Pisa’s nightlife takes place: in fact, there are numerous pubs and clubs where they serve aperitifs or where they play live music. This is precisely why prices of houses and apartments are higher than average, hovering around 9-10 euros per square meter per month. For cottages, costs go up even further, and an 80-square-meter dwelling can be found at more than 800 euros per month. Here is the list of rooms for rent in downtown Pisa.

St. Mary’s Quarter [Centro zona Nord]

Bordered by the neighborhood of St. Francis, the Santa Maria district turns out to be the real nerve center of the city. In fact, Pisa’s most important monuments and major historical and artistic evidence of the city’s past are concentrated here. For example, the emblems that represent Pisa worldwide, namely the Leaning Tower and the Piazza dei Miracoli, are found there. The neighborhood’s name comes from the presence of the Cathedral of St. Mary of the Assumption within its boundaries. It is remembered for being the place of origin of the University of Pisa and still nowadays the most important study rooms, the university cafeteria, numerous copy shops and the main faculty offices of the University are housed here. The Santa Maria district is the most favored and most representative area of the entire city, partly because of the large concentration of bars and nightlife venues with live music. For these reasons, rental prices are even higher than those in the St. Francis neighborhood, as they can exceed 13 euros per square meter. Also keep in mind that this is not the ideal solution for those who need quiet and secluded accommodation. Here is the list of rooms for rent in downtown Pisa.

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St. Anthony’s Quarter [Centro zona Sud]

Also in the center, but in the area south of the Arno, is the district of Sant’Antonio, home to the majestic palaces facing the Lungarno. This area of Pisa has excellent connections both within and to the rest of the city thanks to the many city bus lines and high-speed LAM public services. This is the ideal solution for those who want to live close to the historic center to take advantage of all it has to offer but without sacrificing convenience and ease of connections. Prices in this neighborhood vary widely, ranging from a minimum of 8.50 euros per square meter to a maximum of 11 euros for the most valuable solutions. Consequently, it is good to evaluate the apartments and houses offered on the housing market on a case-by-case basis. Here is the list of rooms for rent in downtown Pisa.

St. Martin’s Quarter [Zona Sud]

Bordering the neighborhood of St. Anthony, the neighborhood of St. Martin was named so because of the 14th-century church of the same name located within its boundaries. This area is well known for its commercial and cultural activities, including various student hangouts: in fact, it is famous for hosting numerous bars and restaurants, the city’s best bakeries, and the market area. Among the most interesting neighborhoods in Pisa, it is known as the shopping area for both its many stores and its excellent connections to the city center. In fact, there are numerous means of communication that make it a convenient place to reach. The St. Martin’s district still possesses its authentic characters, yet the properties for sale and rent are mainly for commercial use. Residential solutions, in fact, represent a minor part of the local housing market. Here is the list of rooms for rent in downtown Pisa.

Neighborhood of Porta a Lucca [Zona Nord]

Located outside the ancient circle of walls, the Porta a Lucca neighborhood is a characteristic area of Pisa and is shaped like a large residential area. It has a considerable size and is dotted with numerous terraced houses in the so-called Viareggio style, which are elegant and cozy. This neighborhood is considered a great place to live because it combines properties of great beauty, tranquility and proximity to the city center. For these reasons, it is the preferred solution for many students: in fact, it allows for comfortable accommodation dive study and quick and easy access to the most important university faculties. The Porta a Lucca neighborhood is home to numerous sports facilities, including the University Sports Center (CUS) Pisa and the Pisa Arena Garibaldi stadium. In addition, many businesses have been opened, among which pizzerias and value-for-money restaurants predominate. Rents also vary considerably depending on the value of the property: ranging from 8 euros per square meter to 10 euros per square meter. Renting one of the Viareggio-style villas is more expensive, both because of the type of property and its architectural features. In this case, it can go as high as more than 13 euros per square meter: as a result, renting an 80-square-meter cottage can result in an expense of nearly 1,000 euros per month. Here is a list of our rentals in Pisa in the Porta Lucca area.

Barbaricina Neighborhood [Zona Nord/Ovest]

It rises in the western part of Pisa and is separated from the city center by the Aurelia highway. It has undergone considerable development in recent years as numerous residential complexes have been built. As a result, the Barbaricina neighborhood has undergone redevelopment and rental prices have risen. As for apartments and regular houses, they range from 6.50 euros per square meter to over 9 euros per square meter. In contrast, for cottages it starts at 8 per square meter and goes up to more than 11 euros. The neighborhood is famous for hosting municipal sports facilities: the best known and most popular are the Sports Hall, the School Field and the Swimming Pool, which is precisely why it is familiarly called the Barbaricina Pool. Continuing in the direction of the sea is San Rossore Park, a destination for tourists, hikers and day-trippers in the summer season, and home to the San Rossore racetrack. Here are our rentals in the San Rossore and Barbaricina areas.

Gateway to Piagge [Zona Nord]

The Porta a Piogge neighborhood is distinguished from other areas of Pisa by being surrounded by greenery; it lies along the banks of the Arno River and is a popular destination for health and sports enthusiasts who exercise in the midst of nature and in complete tranquility. This area is home to the faculties of Economics and Veterinary Science, numerous residential complexes, the Fire Station and the Convention Center. Rents are more affordable than in other neighborhoods. Here are the rentals in the Le piagge, Cisanello and Pisa Nova areas.

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