Room for rent: 7 points to keep in mind

Room for rent: 7 points to keep in mind

Looking for a room to rent can take a lot of time, effort and specific knowledge of the housing market that not everyone possesses.

That’s precisely why here are 7 points to keep in mind when looking for a room to rent in your college town, to find the perfect room at the best price.

1. Know your budget

For your research, start with what you know: your budget.

Keep in mind, of course, your financial readiness but also the possibility of being a little elastic to be able to meet your needs. The real estate market imposes a minimum price below which, unfortunately, you will not be able to fall.

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But what then are the average prices of a room for rent in major university cities?

Find out here:

2. Choose the neighborhood that’s right for you


Every college town has its own neighborhoods, and each one is different in lifestyle, pace, traffic, amenities, and of course price.

How to figure out which neighborhood is right for you? Simply by following the advice of student-friendly written guides.

Guides to the neighborhoods of major university cities:

3. Find out what is around

Whenever you find what you are looking for in a house ad, it is normal to wonder if there is something negative you cannot see.

Will it be because the house is in an unfavorable location? Will it have primary services nearby, such as pharmacies and supermarkets, or not? Will it be sufficiently connected to the center by transportation?

Find the answer to all these questions right on Uniaffitti’s listings. Click on an ad, look at the photos, description and price, and finally scroll down and you will find a simple pattern using the geolocation to indicate the university campus closest to the house, library and food stores nearby, as well as public transportation passing nearby. Useful, no?

4. “Looking for room to rent”-how to save money during the search?

Are you already despairing at the thought of having to pay a real estate agency, just to get the contact information of someone offering a house or room?

Or, even worse, does it seem really unfair to you to spend hours in front of your computer between ads looking for the perfect studio apartment and find out that an agency is renting it out on behalf of the landlord and for that, if you want to close the deal you have to pay them a percentage?

Avoid these kinds of problems by using our free portal and search through the ads that thousands of individuals post every day.

5. Finding roommate in a short time is possible!

Now that you have found the perfect room to rent, who will be your roommates?

You may be the “last one there,” or you may find yourself having to look for a roommate yourself.

To make the search really easy, you will again just use our portal.

Visit the section “tenants” without ever forgetting the
ten rules for finding the ideal roommate
and the
five questions
to ask him when you meet him in person for an “interview.”

That said…good luck!

6. Bureaucracy: things to know before signing a contract

If you have come this far, it means that you have found the best solution to your needs!

We are really happy for you but before you sign the contract there is some information you need to know.

They may not be fun, but we have simplified them for you:

Renting for students – what to know

7. Withdraw from the lease? You can.

Did the rented room turn out to be different from how they presented it to you, or are your roommates hopeless savages? Fear not, you can decide to end the suffering.
a lease before it expires
, following the rules dictated by your contract type…and let the search begin again!

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