University, guidelines: safe restart

University, guidelines: safe restart

Let’s face it: with the exception of 45-year-old salt-and-pepper men nostalgic for “night before exams” evenings or recent graduates who have just landed in the phantasmagorical world of work , who among us could have ever thought that the day would also come when we would be nostalgic for college?

Strange but true. Indeed, despite the fact that during the hot period of the emergency caused by the spread of Covid-19, teaching activities continued in telematic mode. As the warm weather comes to an end and contagions subside, the growing desire for a return to normalcy in university classrooms expressed by many students is understandable. On the other hand, what other month is more appropriate than September to be able to address the topic of reentry?

So, in order to safely resume educational activities, some behavioral guidelines have been prepared to be followed within Italian universities.

First of all, it should be kept in mind that since it is essential to avoid any kind of gathering, an interpersonal distance of at least 1 meter must be respected in the entire university area and premises, and with the same purpose, the capacity of classrooms has been reduced by 50%. However, a high margin of tolerance of 10 percent has been provided for so-called “amphitheater classrooms,” in which lectures can take place more quietly precisely because of the width these naturally present. Places where seating will be prohibited will be marked with stickers inviting the student to choose a different, safer location. Warning, however.
Entry to the classroom is not free
. In fact, in order to attend classes, it will be necessary to choose and book the course one intends to take through each university’s own App that can be conveniently downloaded by every student on his or her smartphone or tablet.

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What about the other half of the students? No fear! In fact, all Italian universities have provided ample reassurance regarding the simultaneous continuation of online teaching for all students unable to book a lecture through the App or simply for all those who, residing in a city other than the university, may experience problems with mobility. Lessons in remote mode will also be guaranteed for all those individuals who, being in special health conditions, are part of the so-called “fragile” categories and therefore more exposed to the risk of infection.

Dispensers of sanitizing gel will be placed at the entrance to each indoor space and near the dining areas for use during the course of your stay at the university, and particularly before and after the use of restrooms and snack and beverage vending machines.

In addition, the flow of students into the university will be regulated through the use of wall or floor signs that will indicate which route is the most appropriate to take to allow movement from one part of the facility to another to occur safely and with due care to reduce close contact as much as possible.

Last but not least,
let us not forget the ever-present face mask
, our faithful companion of the last few months: it is mandatory to wear it as soon as you enter the university and for the entire time of your stay in the building, including the entire duration of classes. An exception in this case will be made for teachers, who may be exempted from its use limited to the performance of explanations.

Finally, it should be mentioned that the common sense and everyone’s cooperation play a key role: since temperature measurement by university staff has not been arranged, anyone who has tested positive for Covid-19 or has been placed in quarantine by the health authority and anyone with flu-like symptoms and a fever over 37.5 degrees Celsius is strictly prohibited from entry.

And with that, that’s it. Although this re-entry punctuated by masquerades and “elbow-to-elbow” greetings certainly tastes different from others, we hope that we can soon return to normalcy, populating our universities as we always have!

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