Renting in Siena: which area?

Renting in Siena: which area?

When choosing the best accommodation, it is also good to consider the location of the apartment: in Siena, as in any other city, each area has its own peculiarities.

We have already carefully reviewed the features to evaluate and take into account when choosing an apartment for rent in Siena. To avoid any nasty surprises, it is also good to evaluate the location of the house within the city.

Siena-a city of Etruscan origin-is divided into three thirds: Terzo di Camollia, Terzo di Città and Terzo di San Martino. The streets that branch off from the Croce del Travaglio (the intersection of Banchi di Sopra, Banchi di Sotto, and Via di Città, one of the most common meeting points and reference points for people living in Siena) form the boundary of the three zones.
The city, which underwent strong development in medieval times, is also surrounded by mighty ancient walls(up to 9 meters high) with 8 gates connecting the center with the outside: a ztl permit is needed to enter with a car inside the walls.

Siena’s life takes place predominantly just inside the city walls. Most of the faculties are located within the city walls, so when choosing a house, the location of one’s university campus is definitely a point to consider; also consider the location of the nearest supermarket: carrying 6 bottles of water for the ups and downs of Siena is not a fun sport!

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Best areas in Siena

The best areas in Siena? It is not easy to say, partly because each choice is quite personal and depends on so many variables. Generally, those houses that have windows on contrade headquarters are to be avoided if one does not want one’s dreams to be accompanied by contradaioli singing, blowing trumpets and, most importantly, practicing drums. Nicchio and Bruco hold their own festivals in July and August-“La Pania” and “Il Baobello,” respectively-and at this time sleeping becomes impossible. Then if a contrada wins, be prepared not to sleep a wink for at least a fortnight (applies even if you live in the winning contrada’s enemy): the “beauty” of Siena is also this.

If what is desired is proximity, the best houses are those that are slightly off-center but still within the walls. According to many students, the areas of Via Camollia, Porta Laterina, and Sperandie are preferable to others, and, in general, finding a room in a building near one of Siena’s gates allows for both silence and proximity to one’s faculty or to the most popular places, virtually all of which are located downtown.

Walking in Siena at any time of the day or night is not dangerous; the most you may encounter is some student staggering on his or her legs, fresh from an evening of post-exam festivities.
If, on the other hand, what you most want is silence and maybe save a little money, the ideal is to get outside the walls: the Sienese countryside is beautiful and you can find nice rooms at a lower price. If you don’t have a car, however, take a good look at which buses go downtown and their frequency: missing an important appointment just because of a bus that didn’t pass by or is 20 minutes late is one of the most annoying circumstances that can happen.

If you own a car, on the other hand, remember that finding unpaid parking in Siena is often a science fiction scenario: several minutes of searching is sometimes not enough.

The moped, on the other hand, allows you to enter the streets near the center and be parked in different parts of the city, as well as avoiding tiring climbs.

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