Fuorisede or commuter: pros and cons

Fuorisede or commuter: pros and cons

This is it, the longed-for time to enroll incollege has arrived. But a doubt often creeps into the minds of prospective students who live far from the faculty: do they attend as out-of-towners or commuters? In this article we try to understand the pros and cons, evaluating on a case-by-case basis when one choice suits and when the other.


We all know, commuting is tiring. Long and exhausting train rides, waking up early in the morning, coming home late at night. Not to mention delays, strikes, cancellations, lost trains, and you name it. In addition, something that is very often overlooked, once you get to the central station to reach the faculty you have to take a second means of transportation, and whether it is a bus or a streetcar you have to deal with connections, missed rides and strikes by the local transportation company.

Here, having to calibrate one’s life on a daily basis according to public transportation is undoubtedly a major drawback, a not inconsiderable pain in the ass especially for a 20-year-old boy who wants nothing more than to rock the world. Not to mention the feeling of lost time during travel, connections and everything else, so much so that sometimes it even starts to become discouraging.

But there is a big, huge advantage that is appreciated every night: the homecoming from Mom and Dad, brothers and sisters, the ability to sleep in their own room, to have Mom do the laundry and Dad make dinner, to Spend the weekend with lifelong friends. Not to mention the economic implication: one of the big selling points of commuter student life is that the only extra expense you need to deal with, besides tuition fees, is aseason ticket for public transportation in your destination city.

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The life of the out-of-state student is indeed peculiar. These are often 18- to 20-year-old boys and girls on their first experience away from home, away from their parents, and needing to cope on their own with unexpected events and new situations. Studying away from home is a gymnasium of life, allows you to grow up faster than your peers, make decisions independently, feel older than your friends, and at the same time experience life in another city, absorbing its traditions, customs, habits of locals, typical dishes, holidays and more. You learn to live in another place, you understand that the concept of “home” is important but at the same time it is also important to understand the differences between city and city, country and country.

Disadvantages? There are plenty. First of all from an economic point of view. Often the cost of an out-of-state student falls entirely on families, but sometimes the boy or girl is forced to work to support his or her studies and pay for rent, bills, and evening outings. This almost certainly results in a delay on the schedule, so you graduate a few months or years later than you should.

But even if that doesn’t happen, the disadvantage of studying away from home is having to think for yourself about running the house, chores, cleaning, shopping, not to mention preparing meals. Not to mention the roommate situation: sometimes we are told well and they become companions, friends and future colleagues, other times unfortunately the situation escalates and we are even forced to move house.

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We conclude the article with a summary table illustrating the pros and cons of commuter and out-of-state student life. And you, which one do you prefer?

Commuters Fuorisede
Pro + Lower expenses to be incurred
+ No problems with groceries, food, housekeeping
+ Dinner ready when you return home
+ Sleeping in your own room
+ You maintain contact with the family
+ No need to look for a rental house
+ Unique life experience
+ You grow faster
+ You learn to live alone early
+ New friendships
+ Discovery of a new city
Against – So much time wasted on public transportation
– Daily struggle against strikes, cancellations, delays
– Wake up early in the morning to get to the faculty on time
– Returning home late in the evening
– Higher expenses to be incurred
– Need to find a house for rent
– Long-term family nostalgia
– Need to deal with unforeseen contingencies alone
– Possible problems with coinquins

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