Out-of-town students: the energy-saving decalogue

Out-of-town students: the energy-saving decalogue

High heating and windows open hours to change the air, a house that looks like a spotlight so much effort is put into keeping all the lights on, two washing machines a day, and then again the fridge always open and the ever-present music from Spotify, i.e., computer on even when you are away from home.

A pretty picture that reflects the normalcy of many student apartments, but one that can be costly and weigh heavily on end-of-month bills.
Here, then, is the advice from the
Ministry of Productive Activities
to cut unnecessary energy waste, a little attention and common sense can make all the difference!

The energy-saving decalogue.


– do not cover radiators;
– Adjust the temperature not above 19-20 degrees;
– Keep windows closed when it is on;
– Turn off the system when no one is home;
– Use the draft shields;
– Have the boilers checked.


– Place pots on proportionately sized burners;
– Use lids during cooking;
– Turn off a little before the end of cooking;
– Use pressure cookers.

Hot water:

– Prefer showering to bathing in a tub;
– if you use a water heater, and it is an old model, turn it on at night and turn it off in the morning.


– Do not keep light bulbs on when they are not needed;
– Replace incandescent bulbs with energy-saving ones.


– Do not lower temperature below 3 degrees;
– Don’t open it unnecessarily;
– Defrost it regularly;
– Do not put hot food in it;
– don’t overfill it.

Washing machine:

– Start it only when fully loaded;
– do not wash above 60 degrees;
– Clean the filter regularly.


– Start it with a full load;
– unplug it when the drying program starts;
– Do wash cycles at low temperatures;
– clean the filter.


– Use it at the right temperature;
– Carry out preheating only as much as necessary;
– avoid Grill function;
– Do not open frequently during cooking;
– Turn it off before the end of cooking.

Microwave oven:

– Prefer them to traditional ovens whenever possible;
– consume about half as much as conventional electric ovens.

TV, DVD player, VCR:

– when not in use, they should be turned off using the main button;
– the red stand-by light should not be left on.

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