Summer in Siena? In the pool!

Summer in Siena? In the pool!

What can one do when the heat becomes stifling and the small streets of Siena become asphyxiating? Simple: leave! Even if only for one day. Running away is not the ideal answer to problems, but surely a break now and then is good for you. If the break then leads to a dip in the beach or pool, even better.

There are two public swimming pools in Siena, the Amendola Pool (in the square of the same name) and the Acquacalda Pool.
The first (tel. 0577 47496) is an indoor pool and probably not the best in summer.
The second (tel. 0577 52667), on the other hand, is outdoors and the garden is at this time full of young people.
Next to the municipal swimming pools we find two other facilities, these privately operated. Il Giardino swimming pool, 35 Peruzzi Street, and that of Siena Tennis Club, 41 Emilia Street.

On the other hand, if you are not a pool lover, there is always the option of going a few more miles and going to the beach. To reach it, the ideal way is to take the bus: the most connected seaside resorts are Follonica and Castiglione della Pescaia. The one-way ticket costs €8, and round-trip €15, for both cities. The service operates only during the summer period, from May 28 to September 3.
Follonica, originally important for mining processing, is a typical seaside town, very busy and well equipped. For kids, there is a lot of entertainment, especially in the evening.
If, however, you have decided to go to the beach for just one day, Castiglione della Pescaia offers a more beautiful sea: in fact, it received a well-deserved blue flag again this year. While the Castiglione stop leaves in the center of town where it is recommended to buy a good ice cream at one of the waterfront ice cream parlors, if you want to enjoy a nice beach and don’t like too much hustle and bustle, the ideal is to get off at the next stop, Riva del Sole.

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