Siena: where to have a night out if you study in the city, from apertivo to disco

Siena: where to have a night out if you study in the city, from apertivo to disco

Those who chose Siena for their course of study are spoiled for choice when it comes to clubs, pubs, bars and discos.
There are many opportunities for recreation and entertainment and, most importantly, they are truly affordable for everyone.

But what are the coolest clubs in the Tuscan city where you can have a night out with friends and college buddies?

If you’re wondering what to do in Siena, what are the nicest clubs in Siena, and how to plan your nightlife in Siena, all you have to do is read on.

In fact, below you will find a brief overview through which you will have the opportunity to orient yourself among the many offerings this city makes available to all students.

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Where to listen to live music in Siena

Those who enjoy live music in Siena need do nothing more than prepare their diaries. The appointments, in fact, are many and for all tastes. The Court of Miracles Association, for example, in addition to organizing interesting cultural events, is also responsible for cheering up students’ evenings in the hall dedicated entirely to concerts and DJ sets. Generally, events are held on weekends but midweek dates cannot be ruled out. Particularly popular with the under-30 crowd, this venue is perfect for a pleasant evening of fun and good music. To keep track of the calendar of events, simply visit the association’s official portal. Reaching the venue is really very easy: located just 15 minutes from the beautiful Piazza del Campo, it is within walking distance of the former psychiatric hospital where a University branch is now housed.

A Pipe

Another very interesting venue is Un tubo. In this case, we are dealing with a bar where between an art exhibition and a good glass of wine you have the opportunity to listen to live music. Ideal for jazz music lovers, A Pipe is priced slightly higher than other Sienese venues, but the uniqueness of this venue is absolutely worth it. Not far from Piazza del Campo, A tube is within easy walking distance.

Space for hip-hop, folk and jazz music also at the Cacio e Pere pub. Without a doubt, this pub is perfect for both an aperitif and an after-dinner drink. Live performances are held on the lower floor of the venue, in a very atmospheric location with stone walls. The prices are not at all excessive and still affordable for all budgets.

When talking about venues in Siena where you can listen to live music no one can absolutely not mention the Tea Room. An especially good venue if you plan to spend a romantic evening, the Tea Room every Wednesday night allows you to enjoy a live music session. At the Tea Room, reservations are always appreciated. In fact, there are many students who literally take it by storm.

Pubs in and around Siena

In terms of pubs, too, there are plenty of alternatives in Siena. The 115 bar, for example, is one of siena’s historic venues. Opened in ’79, it offers the opportunity for a quiet evening at which to sip a drink or, even, enjoy some delicious local fare. The venue is open until 2 a.m., making it ideal for all students who want to keep the early hours.

Another popular pub is Al Cambio. Located on Pantaneto Street, Al Cambio is one of the gathering places for all college students in the city. At this venue open until approximately 2 a.m. you have the opportunity to listen to live rock music and sample all kinds of drinks.

Those who plan to have a beer with classmates and perhaps enjoy a game of pinball have no choice but to consider the Porrione bar.

Executioner’s House

Also well known among the students who chose Siena is the local Casa del Boia. Located in Market Square, this very unique venue is perfect for those who love South American music and never miss a chance to make new acquaintances.

Cafe del Corso

The more chic, however, can fall back on Cafe del Corso. Popular with the very young, this bar offers a wide range of drinks and snacks. The ballroom located on the upper floor also allows people to rock out to music and have an alternative evening to say the least. That between beer and live music is a combination that is hard to give up.

The Red Baron

The Red Baron, an establishment near Independence Square, even offers much more. Those who want to enjoy an evening snack and drink with friends should definitely consider this pub.

Lovers of Irish traditions can also be satisfied in Siena. At The Dublin post, in fact, in addition to listening to the traditional music of Ireland, you can enjoy a special selection of typical beers. The Dublin at happy hour also organizes aperitifs for all tastes.

At the Fortress, however, there is the historic Italian Enoteca. Students residing in Siena who plan to enjoy a good glass of Tuscan wine have no choice but to go to this venue and, perhaps, sit on the charming outdoor terrace.

Finally, near the Fortress is Robert the Bruce, a pub known among students for its typical English beers and good food. In short, when it comes to bars and pubs, one is spoiled for choice.

Discos in Siena

As for nightclubs, it is necessary to point out that Siena is by no means a city that offers many alternatives. In addition, any discos present are all located outside the walls and, therefore, are difficult to reach. Some very interesting venues can be found, however, in the hills near Siena or, even, in neighboring towns. A well-known disco in the Siena area is Papillon 78. To reach this venue, one has the option of using the very convenient shuttle both to and from the venue. Of course, the disco is also easily accessible by car. Another very trendy club is the Vanilla disco club Siena. Again, we are dealing with a venue that is somewhat out of the way but very popular especially with the very young. Located on the Colligiana provincial road, the Vanilla disco club is for all those who are not satisfied with dancing in the pubs of the old town and are looking for real discos where they can dance until the early hours of the morning. As in the case of the previous disco club, the Vanilla disco club is also located outside the walls and away from the historic center. Therefore, it is necessary to worry about finding a means of transportation by which to reach the venue.

More ideas for the nightlife

Siena is a city of many resources, and sometimes it is not even necessary to go in search of the trendiest club to be able to spend a peaceful and carefree evening in the company of one’s college colleagues. On spring and summer evenings, for example, young people used to meet in the Piazza del Campo, have a beer, and perhaps sit on the ground and watch the stars.

In the square, then, there are plenty of restaurants open until late that allow for midnight snacks. The Tuscan city also has no shortage of events. Both during the week and on weekends there are numerous events organized by local associations capable of turning into an opportunity to spend a different evening.

Siena is a city of a thousand resources that, if during the day it is ready to welcome students struggling with their busy lives between courses, at night it turns into the ideal location in which to meet, have a drink together, get to know each other and have fun.

All that’s left to do, then, is to get organized and try to test out all of the city’s various venues one at a time, certain to find in each one a compelling reason to return.

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