Places in Siena: taverns

Places in Siena: taverns

The tavern in Siena. Perhaps the highest form of expression of Sienese spirit and culture (and Sienese cuisine, of course). Rustic atmospheres that stand on being together, eating and drinking merrily and in abundance.
Siena’s osterias are generally very welcoming places, where the innkeeper is really a host who establishes a friendly and direct relationship with his customers (expect anything!).But the real, undisputed master of the osteria is the wine.

Chianti, Sienese or Florentine hills, osterias allow just that: the meeting of good, rustic, homemade food and thick, full-bodied, flavorful wine.

A special feature of Siena’s taverns is their small size (making them even more welcoming); I recommend that everyone reserve a table or show up early, willing to wait for a table to become available.

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