uniaffitti.it: a new beginning

uniaffitti.it: a new beginning

October 2004. Two friends, Florentine students, have just finished a long search to find an apartment in Siena: around bulletin boards every day, on the ups and downs of the city, from faculty to faculty, obsessively thirsty for the few resources available to them. From that experience, uniaffitti.it was born: the goal, to improve life for the thousands of students who face the same challenge every have and at the same time provide a tool for homeowners or tenants looking for company to occupy a room or apartment.

Exactly 10 years later, uniaffitti.it is being revamped in form and substance to offer an ever-improving service. In addition to completely revamped graphics, there are many new features: a faster ad creation workflow with the ability to insert photos and choose the level of detail you want to provide, a more powerful and refined search engine, more attentive privacy management, a more comprehensive user area with internal messaging services, saving the most interesting searches and ads, and the ability to see Facebook friends in common with the author of each ad. More features will be launched in the coming months, with the possibility of enjoying additional services.

We have been working to build a better service, but still much can be done.We need your input and that is why, from each page, you can send us suggestions using the “Feedback” tag on the right. Don’t be shy.

Good research to all.

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