Rental room and adsl subscription: joys and sorrows

Rental room and adsl subscription: joys and sorrows

For out-of-state students it is never easy to settle into their destination city, and often one of the difficulties they encounter when moving to their new home is related to the adsl line.

The problems that a student may encounter are many, and there is also a big difference between those who find the adsl line included in the lease but not working, those who are forced to make their own arrangements for installation, and those lucky ones who instead find an already fully functional line in the apartment.

So here are some tips on how it is best to move if you have to relocate for study purposes and need an adsl line. By acting in the right way, in fact, you can save money, no small detail for a student, and most importantly, you can avoid unnecessary anger and waste of time.

When renting a small apartment or even simply a room there are many details that one must keep an eye on, and sometimes even some important details are likely to slip through the cracks. The presence or absence of a adsl subscription is one of those things from which nowadays cannot be ignored. Therefore, it is good to inquire about this right from the first time you talk to the landlord and therefore move accordingly. In fact, it would be wrong to wait until the contract is signed to start inquiring.

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However, let us proceed in order and thus take as examples the three main cases we mentioned above, trying to understand how it is appropriate to behave in the different situations, in order not to make a mistake and to succeed in getting the required service with the minimum expense and in a short time.

Moving into housing that already has an adsl line

If the housing is already equipped with a regularly functioning adsl line there still remains the problem that the contract in question is in the name of the homeowner or the previous tenant. The student then has to decide whether to Leave this line already working or whether to have it disconnected And request the installation of a new one. Certainly the second is a path that is better not to follow because on the one hand one would risk being without adsl for a period even quite long, until the new connection, and on the other hand one would go to incur costs significantly higher than those that would involve instead a simple takeover of the student as the holder of the previous contract.

The best thing to do, therefore, when you find a line that is already working, is to change the holder, so that the student tenant acquires full title to operate the property’s adsl line. The owner, for his part, will surely agree, glad to have one less problem to deal with. When you go to leave the apartment, then all you have to do is convert the header again.

Moving into housing that already has adsl line but is not working

In case there is already an adsl line in the apartment but it is not working, it is necessary to request the intervention of the technical assistance of the operator providing the service. Normally the procedure consists of the following call the call center dedicated, pointing out the fault and explaining that you ignore both the causes and the timing of when the malfunction occurred because you just rented the apartment. Maybe the adsl connection had not been functioning for some time but no one had ever realized it because the house had remained unrented for a few months. Or the failure could be entirely momentary. To find out more about this, one can only ask for an explanation from the call center operator, who may call for a technician if he or she deems it necessary. Of course, if the contract is in the name of the owner homeowner because there has not yet been time to proceed with the turn-over, it is natural that he will have to be the one himself to contact assistance.

Request the installation of an adsl line because the accommodation lacks one

If the apartment you are moving into is completely without an Adsl subscription, you need to take immediate action, not least because a new installation necessarily takes many days for all the technical and administrative procedures to be activated. For proceed with the request for installation of a new line you must already be in possession of the regular lease agreement. This means that no official request can be made before physically holding the keys to the apartment. That said, it is natural that at an early stage it is possible, indeed necessary, to begin to inform oneself about what are the best offers at the moment and choose one operator over another based on market availability. However, there are some tips that should be taken into account before signing the new contract.

Being off-site students, the idea is probably to stay in the accommodation in question for as long as possible. At the same time, however, there are several eventualities that are good to keep in mind. The following could occur problems of any kind with other tenants, arguments with the landlord, or more simply one might realize that that neighborhood is not really the best one could have chosen to go live in.

All this talk is but a premise to get to the point we really care about, which is what the contractual constraints are. Most of the offerings found in the telephony and Adsl market are currently constrained by residence time with the same operator with whom you go to sign the contract. The constraints start from a minimum of one year to a maximum of three years and failure to comply with them results in the payment of a penalty which is calculated in proportion to the number of months for which the tariff promotion was used.

This is to say that when you go to sign such a contract you should not only be concerned about the service you are buying, its quality and price, but also about the clauses related to a possible early termination. The shorter the duration of the bond, in fact, the fewer problems you will have should you find yourself canceling before time.

The thing to keep in mind is that all operators advertise themselves by presenting their contracts as the absolute cheapest. The truth is that actual convenience is also related to each person’s specific needs. For example, it is useless to activate a plan that includes not only Adsl but also a unlimited voice traffic if you already know at the outset that you will never use that phone to call, perhaps because you have already activated a similar promotion on your smartphone. That offer may be very advantageous, but it would still be inconvenient in relation to the almost zero use that would go into it. Therefore, it is necessary to assess well what the actual needs are before launching into a contract including a thousand services that are then not needed in practice.

To unearth the best rates just right for students and not to risk running into possible scams, the best thing to do is to go directly to the websites of the various landline and mobile operators. The market is free in this area, and prices can vary even considerably between one operator and another. Major operators currently offering Adsl service include Tim, Tiscali, Infostrada and Fastweb. All offer a substantial discount for the first year of subscription and then the price becomes full from the second year, with an average increase of 10 euros. Given this initial discount, rates currently start at 19 euros for Tim and go up to a maximum of 27.95 with Tiscali. In any case, a telephone line is also always included in the contract. If, on the other hand, you want to save money by requiring only the Internet connection, you can turn to Linkem, with a cost of about 25 euros per month for the entire duration of the contract.

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