Guide to the 7 best neighborhoods in Florence

Guide to the 7 best neighborhoods in Florence

Florence‘s neighborhoods, located in the Tuscany region and renowned for their distinctive fusion of modern and historic architecture, have much to offer. In addition to two institutions, the city is home to companies offering employment in a variety of fields. The fact that Florence is among the best places in Italy to live should come as no surprise.

If you are not familiar with Florence, finding the best neighborhood can be difficult because of the city’s many neighborhoods.

The best neighborhoods in Florence

Getting around in Florence

Thanks to the public transportation system, the neighborhoods are well connected to the rest of the city. This means that you will never be more than a few bus or streetcar stops away from the bustling city center.

If public transportation is not for you, what to do? You can rent one of the available bicycles or purchase one from Florence’s bike-friendly flea market. In addition, you can count on running into renowned Florence scooter rental companies such as Lime and Bird.


A safe living environment is made possible by the city’s low crime rate. However, when there are a lot of people around, especially during the busiest travel season, it is good to keep an eye on one’s possessions.


Despite its historic Italian charm, Florence is inhabited by a large number of out-of-towners, mainly professionals and students. Of course, you can expect to encounter more out-of-towners in the city center and near college campuses. However, there are also some in the city’s suburbs.

After discussing the characteristics common to Florence’s best neighborhoods, let us examine the standard of living in each.

Districts of Florence: Duomo

One of the city’s oldest neighborhoods, Santa Maria Novella, includes the Duomo district. The Duomo, located in the center of Florence and home to some of the city’s most important cultural icons, attracts travelers from all over the world.

The Cathedral District probably has one of the highest standards of living in the city. Only authorized vehicles can pass through the neighborhood, which has a minimal traffic volume. Breathe in the clean air of this neighborhood!

Best of all, the most important areas of the city are within a 5-minute walk of where you live. Thanks to the well-connected public transportation system, other parts of the city can be reached quickly.

Being in the heart of Florence, there are plenty of restaurants, stores and recreational options available. Although the neighborhood is constantly being modernized, you can still enjoy a small-town atmosphere.

Affordable housing can be found, although the central location of the Cathedral causes a proportional increase in rental prices in the area.

Districts of Florence: Oltrarno

TheOltrarno is the liveliest part of Florence and lies south of the Arno River, which divides the city in two.

During the development of Florence in the last century, the Oltrarno has maintained its status as an artisans’ district. The Oltrarno is a quiet neighborhood to live in, despite the area’s vibrancy due to the various pubs, restaurants and nightclubs found there. Compared with the city center, rents are less expensive.

Districts of Florence: San Marco

North of downtown Florence is the predominantly residential San Marco neighborhood.

The neighborhood market and the beautiful botanical garden of the University of Florence contribute to the good quality of life in the San Marco area. Nevertheless, it is possible to find good accommodation at a reasonable price.

The neighborhood offers a variety of entertainment options and is well connected to the rest of the city.

Districts of Florence: Santa Croce

One of the few neighborhoods in Florence that has maintained its historical integrity is the Santa Croce district.

The Santa Croce district borders the Arno River and is located east of the city center. The neighborhood offers its residents a wide range of choices for leisure and shopping. The low number of tourists in the area reduces congestion on the roads during the day. Because of the many bars and restaurants in the area, you should be prepared to experience the streets at night.

Districts of Florence: Via Bolognese

On the outskirts of Florence is Via Bolognese. It is the ideal place for those who want to avoid the hustle and bustle of the city center! The Via Bolognese neighborhood has a suburban feel, which suggests that you will not see many tourists, if any. Conversely, you can expect to meet with the families that make up the majority of community residents.

Most of the housing alternatives in the neighborhood are shared houses because it is located outside Florence. But since the possibilities are few, you will have to be prepared for a longer search.

Despite the district’s distance from the city center, you can rely on public transportation to reach it.

Districts of Florence: San Niccolò

The richest area of the city is the San Niccolo‘ district, located on the southern bank of the Arno River. The charming taverns scattered along the winding alleys are the area’s pride and joy.

Everything in the neighborhood, from rents to restaurant and bar prices, should be more expensive than in other parts of the city because of the upscale environment of the area.

Districts of Florence: Campo Di Marte

The Campo di Marte neighborhood could be nicknamed “the sports district.” The Artemio Franchi stadium is located in Campo di Marte, a neighborhood in the northeastern part of the city. From time to time you will hear cheering from fans, you can count on it.

The accommodation closest to the stadium is quite expensive for the area, with rooms costing more than 500 euros, as is the case in all places surrounding a famous site. However, more reasonably priced options are available in residential neighborhoods in the area.

You can start looking for your next accommodation in this hospitable city and now that you know what each area of Florence offers and which one best meets your needs!

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