Summer Session: How to Face Exams Without Going Crazy

Summer Session: How to Face Exams Without Going Crazy

Summer exam session: the nightmare of all college students, synonymous with bitterly giving up vacation, beach, sun and friends.
Or not. You can change your summer “sad fate” by following a few simple steps.

1. Organized

Even before you dive headlong into books, it is essential to have a schedule of your activities.
Do you think it’s just a boring waste of time? Know that instead it could be the key to your summer happiness.
You can buy a ready-made planner in many gadget and gift stores or in a common stationery store, or you can equip yourself with colorful sheets and markers to create it yourself but remember: make it “pretty” for yourself that you will have to look at it often and will not always do so with joy.

What should not be missing in a curriculum

To be effective, a schedule must be detailed. For this reason, we recommend that you use a weekly one instead of monthly, where you can note down the following points from time to time:

  • the date of the examination

    The most important date of all. Highlight it well so you don’t risk the typical beginner’s mistake (confusing the day), and at the end of each week add a countdown of the days you still have left to study so you never lose sight of the goal.

  • detailed activities

    This section is devoted to “tasks” to be accomplished on a day-to-day basis. Make a realistic schedule of how many chapters of the exam book you will be able to tackle each week and include at least one time to repeat what you have learned so far.

  • time for you

    Having time to relax is your right and also your duty: a tired (or unhappy) mind and body fail to assimilate new notions and thus slow down your whole course.
    Use the planner to predict in advance the free time when you can hit the beach or the pool, see friends and recharge a bit to study your best while living the summer despite exams.

2. Motivated

Remember that these are the last efforts before a well-deserved vacation! It is normal to need someone or something to remind you why you are doing this, and know that you are not alone; do you have friends or classmates who need to take an exam?
Meet each other, encourage each other and organize study groups if necessary, at either of your homes or even in a café, library or literary cafe where you will also find some air conditioning and good coffee.

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3. Feed yourself (well)

Avoiding junk food is always very important for health and becomes crucial under examination period. Fatty and sugary foods are very satisfying, but know that what your body needs now are “real nutrients” such as healthy snacks of fruits, vegetables, seeds, and good fats (such as those in peanuts). Why not make yourself an “avocado toast” between chapters of your book (while also earning a nice photo to post on Instagram) instead of bingeing on chocolates?

4. Leisurely

Yes, you read that right! As we have already said, with a tired mind you risk spending hours on books without learning anything, so it is essential to find time to distract yourself a bit and start studying again at your best. No guilt about having a drink with friends: if someone points it out to you, you can reply that you are going out for your own good!

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