Renting “only to girls”: why?

Renting “only to girls”: why?

Ads for rooms for rent often have a restrictive nature: no freshmen, heavy smokers or pets. It is in the order of things: each of us has our own needs when looking for a tenant, and it can be simple common sense to show explicit and honesty from the beginning with home seekers.

But to what extent can we consider them legitimate restrictions and not a myopic bias?

Leaving out certain intolerable discriminations such as “no off-campus” or the even more violent and explicit “no southern boys” that occasionally appears shamelessly on some bulletin board “down north,” the nightmare that every average male off-campus student has faced is the typical “girls only” ad. It is the most frequent and also one of those against which less can be done. What makes the modern man desperate for a roof feel like a mix between a migrant of the last century and a humanitarian activist: can the ideal tenant have a gender? Isn’t it offensive to still consider women as more suited than men to pay bills and do the cleaning?

All true. Anyone who has had experience in a mixed home before knows how far the girls are from the image of the angel of the hearth. In fact. When it comes to accuracy, cleanliness, and nightlife, a good deal of the time it can happen that it is the young male colleagues who pale. Yet, at least according to looking at bulletin boards in all cities, it remains one of the most common beliefs among landlords.

But before launching into the minefield of gender discrimination, it is worth distinguishing case by case. One of the most common is one that has nothing against men but against the idea of a mixed home. A house of only female students may prefer, whether out of a greater principle of solidarity, a matter of habit, or a simple sense of modesty, to remain as such without thereby considering the male a wild animal. Then again, it is true that the mixed house is a good experience, but it does not necessarily match the ideal myth of Friends or The Spanish Apartment. And it is equally natural that not everyone prefers differentiation and promiscuity at all costs.

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Then there is the case of the landlord who rents only to girls because he considers them more trustworthy, though not granitically so. It is a belief borne more out of laziness than outright discrimination, and there are more real than legendary cases of male individuals who have crossed the threshold simply by showing politeness and sensitivity to female tenants and the landlord.

Finally, there are the people who favor girls because they remain and will remain convinced that off-site men are on a par with an army of vandalistic barbarians and erotomaniacs. In such cases, old beliefs are best answered by the equally old folk wisdom and told that it is better to lose them than to find them. “I always rely on stereotypes, it’s faster!” said George Clooney’s character in the movie Among the Clouds using racial prejudicebefore choosing where to stand in line. And trust me, in this case, thinking this way is as convenient for them as it is for you.

Some numbers from

As much as restrictive logic is not in our line, as we decided to give the option to those who place an ad for an apartment, room or bed for rent to specify whether it is only for girls or only for boys: the result? Looking at the
rentals for students
and non-students, of the listings featured, 28 percent are “girls only,” 6 percent “men only,” and fortunately 66 percent have no gender restrictions.

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