Rentals in Turin: areas and neighborhoods

Rentals in Turin: areas and neighborhoods

At first glance, Turin may give the impression of an austere city; stereotypes present it to us as gray, industrial, hardworking yes, but sad and also unwelcoming.
It is not, it is not anymore, and perhaps it never was. We are not going to stand here and talk about the monuments, palaces and the Po Riverfront that are somewhat reminiscent of Paris. Of the wide green spaces and the beautiful hillside. Of the redevelopment of dormitory neighborhoods. Of its multiethnic discovery and the nightlife that invades streets and squares. Of the signature lights or exhibitions that cause a stir. Of the former factories being transformed into exhibition spaces, and of all that the city, its inhabitants and administrations have been able to do over the past decades to transform it and make it a city equal to Europe. It has certainly shaken off the appellation of provincial, its university hubs are absolutely state-of-the-art research and training centers and, most noteworthy, it has finally seen the construction of the subway line.

For a young student who wants to move to Turin to study, it is useful to know where the various faculties are located, which areas are more convenient, which are more lively and fun-in other words, where it is best to live in Turin. Finding an apartment for rent in Turin is not difficult, the offer is quite wide, the prices are affordable, obviously varying by area. But even if one chooses a home farther away from the relevant faculty to save money, it is good to know that the recently upgraded public streetcar and bus service constitutes a timely and efficient network. And the subway has made connections much faster. The conversion of Olympic facilities into university campuses should further improve housing availability.

Let us therefore briefly look at the arrangement of the main faculties and the peculiarities of individual districts.

Mirafiori North

The renowned, prestigious and now international Polytechnic is located on Corso Duca degli Abruzzi where engineering classes are held. The neighborhood is Mirafiori North. It is a residential neighborhood, on the northwest outskirts, with considerable green areas, relative ease of parking, social housing properties. Rental prices are definitely affordable compared to other areas of the city.

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The Faculty of Dentistry has found space at the Dental School, located in the former Lingotto workshops, to wit, where the Book Fair is held every year. The same district is home to the Faculty of Economics. The Lingotto was one of the areas that benefited from the major interventions implemented for the 2006 Olympics. Most of the stores and activities are located toward Galimberti Square and Tunis Street.

San Salvario

The Faculty of Architecture is detached, located at Valentino in the San Salvario neighborhood. An area with a dual soul, where valuable areas with stately buildings border blighted buildings. Degradation and problems of marginalization made it an unattractive area in the 1990s, fortunately targeted and constructive interventions have brought back safety and decorum to one of the most characteristic areas of Turin, there has also been a rise in average spending, which obviously has to be differentiated by building type.

Nice Millefonti

For students in Medicine and Pharmacy, the target area is the hospitals (Molinette, CTO and Sant’Anna), which are located in the Nizza Millefonti neighborhood, bordering San Salvario; in fact, classrooms are located on Corso Massimo d’Azeglio, in the Torino Esposizioni area and in the heart of San Salvario. Same target area for MFN (math, physics, natural science) students, with secretariat and some classrooms also in Academy Street.
Many students reside in the Nice Millefonti neighborhood; in fact newly built, brand new and modern classrooms in Corso Nice are Biotechnology classrooms. The multiethnic and lively area, characterized by the presence of classic railing houses, is home to numerous buildings constructed for the 1961 centennial of Italian unification. Numerous constructions were also built for the Olympics. All this has led to a revaluation of real estate prices, which nevertheless remain quite low.


Palazzo Nuovo is the seat of the Humanities Faculties, right in the center. But because prices in this area are definitely high, students dislocate to the nearby Vanchiglia neighborhood; historically one of the most popular despite being close to the center, certainly less expensive, but which has striking areas: those overlooking the banks of the Po. New buildings have sprung up in recent decades, and the area has been transformed into a residential and commercial area.
Just beyond, the Law School was recently moved to Corso Regina at Palazzina Einaudi.

Roman Quadrilateral, Murazzi and the other areas

As far as entertainment is concerned, the colorful and fun nightlife area is definitely the Murazzi: the characteristic clubs that line the Po and are periodically closed during periods of river flooding. Of course, the center from Piazza Vittorio (one of the salons for happy hour) to Piazza Castello via Via Po is also home to numerous clubs.
Other areas considered very lively are the Roman Quadrilateral and Valentino Park, ideal for aperitifs, dinners and after dinners, and nightclubs.
A city where it is pleasant to live, easy to have fun, rich in cultural events. Definitely to be discovered,different from how it may appear to a distracted visitor.

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