Rent: problems with the homeowner?

Rent: problems with the homeowner?

From bills to pinholes in the wall, from stealthy unannounced intrusions to demands for extra payments.

Unfortunately, yes, sooner or later almost everyone gets into an argument with their landlord. But while generally everything can be resolved with a chat and a handshake, sometimes arguments escalate into fights, constant retaliation, so much so that life as an out-of-towner ends up becoming a nightmare: how do you prevent the situation from escalating if you are renting?

On the understanding that if you do not have a properly registered contract (on this subject, see the guide to the student lease) you are not in the best position to make your case, the first advice is to challenge the contract itself, read it carefully, try to shed light on the reason for the “confrontation,” and confront, contract in hand, with the landlord (possibly admitting that you are wrong). Within the contract it is desirable to make explicit, in addition to the rental terms, the breakdown of incidental expenses, taking care to specify each individual cost item, or to include explicit reference to the filed table for incidental expenses.

In case the situation is not resolved you can resort to outside help.

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The University of Siena, since August 2005, has been offering a legal advice service on leases; in fact, it makes available a professional attorney to provide advice on existing types of contracts, rights and obligations under various contracts, and-in our case-also suggestions for solving problems with landlords. How to get counseling? Simply contact the university’s Front Office to schedule an appointment with the attorney. Of course, the consultation is free of charge.

Alternatively, you can turn to SUNIA, the national union of tenants and assignees, which provides free legal assistance and advice for all problems related to the relationship with housing owners.

There remains, however, the absolute necessity of having a regular contract to see one’s rights protected and to prevent them from being trampled by tyrannical landlords who too often take advantage of their tenants.

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