House hunting in August: the strategy

House hunting in August: the strategy

Looking for a house to rent in August is the most common need for a college student: after a few weeks, he or she will be thrown into the whirlwind of “college life,” an enjoyable mix of study, work and fun that needs at least a few staples, starting with a roof over one’s head.

The start of the new academic year is just around the corner, but August is an anomalous month: 49% of Italians move right in August for summer vacation (13 million people, estimated Coldiretti-Ixè) and home search is also affected by the “dead month,” with many homeowners unavailable and the consequent difficulty of meeting their availability to visit rooms and apartments for rent. In fact, the response rate to messages drops considerably: the person who placed the ad is now under a beach umbrella in Sicily or sailing in Croatia.

So is it all wasted time? Not really. August is at the same time the first month when housing offers increase considerably-they will peak in September-and it is a great time to start looking around, trying to get ahead of competition from other students.

The strategy

The advice is to prepare a precise attack strategy, starting right away by searching through the available ads and keeping track of those that appear most in line with what you are looking for.

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On you can take note of the most interesting rooms and apartments, saving them to your favorites list: just click on the heart that appears in the ad, either on the search results page or on the individual ad page.

Add ad to favorites

All ads saved in this way will then be available within one’s personal area, in the “Favorites” section: the advice is to request more information immediately to the person who placed the ad, by sending a message (via the “Send a Message” function) or requesting contact information (“Request Contact Information”), so that you receive the advertisers’ e-mail address and phone number.

Send a message

Having made the contacts, it is worth trying to concentrate appointments to see more houses and rooms in a few days, perhaps in the last week of August, when owners will have returned from vacation and the frenzy of house-hunting for rentals will not yet be at its peak.

If you are looking for rooms and apartments for rent for students in Florence, Siena or in any other city in Italy, so take advantage of the month of August: even if you are on vacation, smartphone in hand you can take note of the most interesting offers and set the stage for your return, finding yourself a few feet ahead of the laggards.


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