Has house hunting in Bologna become your nightmare? It’s not your fault, that’s what’s going on!

Has house hunting in Bologna become your nightmare? It’s not your fault, that’s what’s going on!

210 degree programs, more than 84,000 students who have chosen it making it one of the most attended universities in Italy, a history that begins in 1088 and gives it by right the title of oldest university in the Western world-Bologna is undoubtedly a university that can count a long list of prestigious records.

But the University of Bologna, or rather the city of Bologna, also has another record, unfortunately not as prestigious:

The capital of Emilia Romagna is the Italian city where, by far, college students have the most difficulty finding a room or apartment to rent.

For some time now, in fact, the university housing situation has drastically deteriorated, making headlines and becoming a real case.

Struck by the discontent of so many Italian and foreign students who have decided to move to the city and have found themselves dealing with a truly surreal situation we have put together some more information (thanks also to the community contribution of Uniaffitti Bologna guys) and compiled a small list of tips that we hope will be useful if you are looking for a room in Bologna!

Why is it so complicated to succeed in renting a room in Bologna?

Scarcity of rooms

Demand definitely exceeds supply. On our site for example compared to a few dozen room/apartment listings there are 522 requests from those in search. Absurd isn’t it!

Very short rentals VS long rentals
In Bologna, as in most cities of tourist interest, there is a phenomenon of a preference for short, very short rentals, often using b&b and airbnb modes, which would seem to provide more income for homeowners.

Selections from X Factor

If there are few rooms, the selection becomes very hard. Even the same tenants already in the apartment, in case a room to rent becomes available, have become super-selective. By now the mode is that it is no longer the seeker who chooses a room but rather the seeker must be chosen by his or her prospective roommates, who often dismiss with a We will let you know.

Nabob guarantees

With or without an agency, it makes little difference-the guarantees required are indeed many. Permanent employment contract, parental guarantee, and in some cases ISEE statement in hand.

Let’s look together at tips for finding a room or apartment to rent in Bologna:

Don’t be discouraged

We know it’s easy to say a little less easy to do, but it’s really important not to give up and keep looking. It is not your fault, and so many other students are in the same situation as you. On average after 10 visits the arrangement comes! (how far along are you? 🙂 )

Keep an eye on the ads

On our portal you can search by type, price and area and enter the alert. We will notify you as soon as new ads are added that are right for you. You will be able to receive our notifications via email or facebook messenger.

Content but not too content

We imagine you are exasperated after so many unsuccessful visits, but never forget to ask for all the necessary information about the room you are about to rent to avoid unpleasant surprises. In this article we recap the 10 key questions when you visit an apartment.

Unity is strength

It is often easier to rent an entire apartment than to find a room.

If you don’t have anyone to share it with, join our Facebook group and get in touch with those who have the same needs as you, word of mouth even online can help!

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