Geolocated information on your ad map

Geolocated information on your ad map

Have you noticed strange icons on your ad map? Green, purple, red and even light blue!!! No, you are not going crazy, this is information that can save your life as you search for a home in a city you don’t know.

For some time now we have been wondering what might be of interest to students/workers looking for a house to rent, obviously the answer varies greatly depending on the person’s needs, but what came out was really interesting. Knowing all the meanderings of a city is virtually impossible, especially if we go into the ‘alleys’ of the historic centers that characterize many Italian cities, let alone a city that you have visited only once, perhaps on a school trip!!!

For this reason, we decided to automatically enrich the map of our listings by including 4 types of points of interest:

University: we move for this right?
Libraries/Libraries: they always come in handy.
Public transportation: unfortunately, self-driving cars are rare among out-of-town students.
Grocery/Supermarkets: best to avoid crossing town once or twice a week!

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We have chosen to limit the types of information and those that are “essential” to help you in an initial skimming. The second, highly recommended, you have to do it at the time you go to visit the house. For example, it is very important to take a tour of the streets surrounding the apartment you are about to rent, paying special attention to the type of stores, people, and atmosphere of the neighborhood. Now let’s look in detail at what you will find in our ads, a series of tabs that contain a lot of information:


Within the section“Other useful information about the area.” you will find a list of universities, libraries, public transportation, and supermarkets within 1 km of the location of the apartment you are viewing (left image). If, on the other hand, you need to see all this information on the map, simply click on the “map” tab and tick the flags of the points of interest you wish to view(right image). Some, such as universities and libraries, are automatically displayed; others can be enabled with a simple click. Finally, if you click on one of the pins in the map, you will be able to see its name, so you can integrate the pin with the distance in the box we mentioned earlier.

Here are other examples of the information you will see on our rental ads:


And finally, the pin legend that you will find on the maps:


Well, now you can start your search among our rental listings, all you have to do is select your city(Siena, Florence, Milan, Bologna, Rome, Pisa, Genoa ,etc) and start getting to know the neighborhoods where the best deals are!

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