730 and Student Rent Deductions: what’s new in 2017

730 and Student Rent Deductions: what’s new in 2017

If you are a young worker or college student, you may not know what the 730 is and especially what expenses are deductible and deductible on your or your parents’ tax return:

The 730 form what it is

The 730 is a necessary form for making tax returns, for employees and retirees. There are two different types: pre-filled and ordinary.

The former is prepared directly by the Internal Revenue Service through the data it already has, which is why it is a relatively simple form; should a taxpayer have to pay additional amounts, they will be withheld directly from salary or pension.

The second, on the other hand, acquires meaning when there is no possibility or willingness to use the pre-filled 730: in this case, it cannot be submitted independently to the Internal Revenue Service, but it will be necessary to contact an intermediary.

General Information

The 730 tax return form can be prepared independently or by relying on a professional. In this case of course the fee will have to be paid, but it is assumed that all the work will be done by him or her without any difficulty. On the other hand, in case you want to proceed on your own, there may be some details to look into: here are what they are.

730 submission deadline

The deadline for filing the 730 is July 7, 2017. However, it can be extended to July 24, 2017 in the case of pre-filled 730 and self-submission, or if one relies on a Caf or intermediary that has submitted at least 80 percent of the returns as of July 7.

Who has to file the 730

It is not mandatory for everyone to file a 730, such as when its filing does not involve additional taxes. In general, the declaration should be prepared when income was earned in 2016 and there is no possibility of exemption.

In particular, pensioners or employees (including those on project contracts), members of cooperatives, priests, judges and parliamentarians, workers on fixed-term contracts for a period of less than one year, school personnel on fixed-term contracts, and workers with exclusively coordinated and continuous collaboration income must file the 730.

Who doesn’t have to do the 730

Those who had only income from buildings in 2016 and those who have exempt income (such as some scholarships or a disability pension). But there are also some income limits, which vary from year to year. For example, those who have a salaried job with income of 8000 euros or less and a work period of not less than 365 days are exempt from filing the 730.

The exemption does not apply if the taxpayer has to return all or part of the Irpef bonus, but as a general condition it applies that all taxpayers not required to keep accounting records who have to pay a tax not exceeding 10.33 euros do not have to fill out the 730.

730 what to download

It is possible to deduct and subtract expenses from the 730 so as to reduce taxes otherwise due.

In the 2017 tax return for the 2016 tax year, it is possible to discharge the expenses incurred in 2016 for the medical care (medical expenses, NHS co-payments, disability assistance, over-the-counter drugs, psychologist, contact lenses), the social security contributions, welfare and voluntary, but also periodic spousal maintenance payments and the donations to nongovernmental organizations, universities, NGOs and religious institutions. You can also deduct expenses incurred for domestic helpers, caregivers and baby sitters, and even veterinary expenses.

As for college students, expenses incurred for tuition fees andrent in the case of off-campus students and for leases under Law 431/98 are deductible;

Deductions: how to download student rent

Within the 2017 tax return, it is possible to deduct therent of off-site college students at 19%.

To do so, expenses incurred by college students enrolled in a degree program located in a municipality other than their municipality of residence will have to be entered on Schedule E of the 730, with code 18.

The rental deduction for off-campus college students is also available if the expense was incurred for family members who are tax dependents. For the deduction to be usable, the university must be located at least 100 kilometers from the student’s municipality of residence, and in any case in another province, or in a state of the European Union.

Want more information about deductions affecting students? Read our in-depth article Rent deductions in the 730

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