University cities compared: the cost of living from Milan to Palermo

University cities compared: the cost of living from Milan to Palermo

How much does it cost to live offsite in northern Italy? What about in the center, in cities like Florence and Rome? How much does a room cost in the south? Is it true that everything is cheaper in the South? Find out by reading this article!

How much does a room cost in Milan and northern Italy?

Milan is Milan: it has a charm all its own, skillfully mixing history, architecture, design, gray skies but also all the colors of fashion. But how much does it cost to live in Milan?

As we have already explored in our article, a single room in Milan costs an average of €445 per month.
A lot, certainly, especially when compared to less expensive university cities like Padua. Exception made, however, for Venice, which for its exclusivity and uniqueness beats even the cost of Milan.
However, we do have some news that may console you: in the Italian expensive-living ranking compiled by Sole24Ore, Milan is only in11th position. One of the most expensive northern cities is precisely Venice, beaten by the unsuspected Bolzano and Treviso.

So when choosing your university city, keep in mind that once you pay a hefty rent, Milan may make it easier for you to save a few euros each month.

How much does a room cost in Rome and Central Italy?

As the most important university city in the Center and perhaps in all of Italy, Rome is also a favorite destination for tourists. The latter come to Italy to savor all its beauty, history and culinary goodness. As shown in our article on the cost of rooms in Rome for a college student, Rome beats Florence, Bologna and Siena for the monthly cost of a single room.

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How much does it cost to live in Rome every day? Surprisingly little, according to the cost-of-living ranking: Rome costs less than other Central Italian cities such as Bologna and Modena, of course if one strictly considers the purchase of basic necessities and averages costs between central and suburban areas of the city.

By contrast, the cost of rooms in Florence and of living in the Tuscan capital, Central Italy’s main university hub, is one of the cheapest of all. In the top 50 positions, from the most expensive city to the least expensive. Florence placed an impressive 47th and was followed just one city behind (Rovigo) by Palermo – Sicily’s main university city.

Can we perhaps dispel the myth that has always taught us that southern cities are generally always the least expensive?

How much does a room cost in southern Italy?

No, we cannot dispel the myth that the South is definitely convenient for living and studying. Although the prices for decent living in Florence and Palermo are similar, what greatly differentiates these two cities is precisely the cost of renting. A single room in Palermo costs much less than 300€, in Florence the same type of room has an average price of 370€ (excluding expenses).
How much does a single room in Naples cost instead? On average 350€, according to our portal results. Nonetheless, Naples is “a paradise” for off-campus students: of all the major university cities, it is in factthe least expensive city to live in. Absolutely to be considered when choosing your university, right?

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Sources: Uniaffitti; Il Sole24Ore

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