UniDocs – shared notes for undergraduates

UniDocs – shared notes for undergraduates

College is one of the most intense times in a person’s life, for better or worse. How many Unforgettable parties, “college” nights or late afternoon wake-up calls.… And how much stress about that exam That you can’t pass or for which you couldn’t go to class! How many fights with parents over that exam you didn’t pass or for which you you accepted a grade “too low”! But if we stop for a moment and look at things from a little further away we see a very interesting picture….

College is a time of total sharing: we share study sessions, we share pre-exam anxiety, we share an apartment with other students, and we share the celebration of a passed exam or the much-hyped graduation!


For this reason, we have designed UniDocs, a platform that will will allow you to share your university materials with all the other students in your degree program!


You find more and more material online, but it is often documents of low quality and poorly organized, which is why in UniDocs we have a list of exams for each degree program, within which you will find all the material you need!

Professor slides, student notes from the previous year, exam questions, book summaries, and more–all just a click away, perfectly organized and cataloged by UniDocs community users and staff.

Okay, very nice, but how much does it cost me?

We know you are asking, and we will be super transparent in our answer!

It’s all up to you!!!

And yes, in UniDocs we have devised a system of credits that allow us to unlock your monthly subscription! 10 credits equals one month of material for your degree program.

To earn credits all you have to do is share (if it wasn’t clear that’s our mantra 🙂 ), you must share your college materials o share the link to our portal, bringing your fellow students on board so that they too can enrich our online archive. If you don’t want to share, you can buy credits at a very low price!


That’s not all, if you don’t need other people’s notes and don’t want to activate your monthly subscription, you can upload your notes anyway and use them for an alternative purpose, earn Amazon vouchers!

You will be able to convert your credits into amazon vouchers of 5/10 or 20 Euro, based on the number of credits you hold. The conversion will take place with the same “exchange rate” as the purchase of credits, that is, 1 euro for every 10 credits.


What do you think, do you like our idea of sharing?

If yes please visit us at

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