Rent Rome: houses and rooms for rent in the capital city Rome: houses and rooms for rent in the capital city

With more than 229,000 enrolled in its universities (data MIUR), Rome is the Italian city with the largest number of students and represents the largest real estate market in the country, with hundreds of homes, rooms, and beds going in and out of the city’s bulletin boards, physical and virtual, every day.

From today you can find a apartment for rent in rome, thanks to the new section of dedicated to rentals for university students in Rome, a reference point for those who are looking for homes in San Lorenzo or San Giovanni, in Tor Vergata or Parioli…or in any other Roman neighborhood.

If you are looking for a tenant for a room or have an entire apartment to fill,
post an offer now
: the right title, a full description, and beautiful photos will be the best calling card for your accommodation. If you want some tips on how to make it even more visible, taking advantage of the full potential of and social networks, read “The 5 Rules for a Perfect Listing.”

If instead are you looking for a room for rent in Rome, or an apartment, start a search and see listings of apartments, rooms and beds for rent in Rome or enter a request: give a brief description of yourself and what you are looking for, you will be contacted by those who have something to offer you.

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