Milan it’s time for Milan it’s time for Milan

Università Statale, Cattolica, Bicocca, Bocconi, Politecnico, IULM, IED: Milan is one of Italy’s university cities, crowded each year with 200,000 students, at least 60,000 of whom are out-of-towners. But not only that: it is also the home of the 30-year-old worker, who often “ascends” to Milan in the concrete hope of finding a job and thus launching his or her professional career.

The result? A lively rental market, with rooms and apartments for rent in every street, neighborhood, area, often facilitated by the good city transportation the city has. From today comes to the rescue of those offering and looking for homes in Milan, with the aim of making the search easier and more painless.

If you have an apartment available or are looking for a tenant for a room that has just vacated,
post an offer now
: the right title, a full description and, no less important, nice photos will be the best calling card for your accommodation. If you want some tips on how to make it even more visible, taking advantage of the full potential of and social networks, read “The 5 Rules for a Perfect Listing.”

If, on the other hand, you are looking for a room to rent in Milan, or an apartment, start a search and see listings of apartments, rooms and beds for rent in Milan.

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