The short term rental: where and how to search

The short term rental: where and how to search

Looking for an apartment or room to rent is a task that takes a few weeks to complete, and as much as viewing photos and accurate descriptions made available by sites such as provide a good starting point, the on-site presence remains essential, if only to visit a small circle of interesting rooms and apartments in person.

In the absence of hospitality from some friend or relative in the city to which you are about to move, if you do not want to resort to staying in a hotel, which is often expensive, there are basically two alternatives: renting a room for a short period or staying in university guest quarters. provides the ability to search for rooms or apartments for short term rent, by definition housing that can be rented for a period of time less than a month. To be able to search for such lodging, simply select the “Short periods” filter within the “Photos and short periods” menu on the search page.Once selected, single, double rooms and apartments that are also available by the week or single days will be shown.

Short-term rental

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It is then sufficient to proceed normally, sending a message to the advertiser through the “Send Message” function or requesting his or her direct contacts with “Request Contacts.”

Another solution is the university guesthouses, premises owned or managed by universities and related associations, used for accommodation-typically for students enrolled at the universities or their relatives-for periods of a few days, often beds in university residences that have not been assigned or are temporarily vacant.

Typically, the university residence hall guesthouse service is intended for students, faculty and researchers enrolled in the universities, as well as for parents and relatives of students assigned beds; some universities then choose to extend hospitality during conferences and congresses as well.

University guesthouses are categorized according to parameters that take into account accommodation size, distance from the city center, age of structure and furnishings, and services in the residences or in the immediate vicinity. Each category corresponds to different rates, which then also vary depending on the person requesting hospitality (faculty pay more, students and their relatives less): for a single room, a student can expect prices that vary 15 € to 30 €/night, depending precisely on the category assigned to the residence.

The DSU Tuscany Association( is responsible, among other things, for the management of university residences and guest quarters for the hubs of Florence, Siena and Pisa: you can find more information about this on their website. At the link below, however, is an in-depth look at the
rentals in Siena for short periods

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