The price of rentals in Siena

The price of rentals in Siena

How much does a single room for rent in Siena cost? How much an apartment? An analysis conducted on the 609 listings posted on in June 2014 helps to understand just how onerous an expense an out-of-state student and his or her family will have to shoulder for housing in the Tuscan city.

Of the 609 total listings, 52 percent are for single rooms, followed by double rooms (22 percent) and medium to large apartments, at least three-room or more often four-room apartments (17 percent). Rather rare, however, are small apartments such as studios and one-bedroom apartments, which together contribute just 9 percent of the total supply.

What, on the other hand, is the average price? For a single room the average is 315 €, but prices vary widely and it is not difficult to find deals that are around 250 €. A bed in a double room, thus with the need to share space with another person, has an average price of €248, a noticeable but not decisive saving compared to a single room.

studio apartment for rent in Siena
is a rather rare commodity and costs an average of €618; slightly higher is the price for a two-room apartment, €635.

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Larger apartments, on the other hand, allow you to amortize the price and, if you are looking with friends, can become an attractive prospect: 754 € the price for a two-bedroom apartment, 1,024 € that for four-bedroom or larger apartments, which are not lacking.


Siena rent prices infographic June 2014

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