The contract for guesthouse use

The contract for guesthouse use

A lease for guesthouse use is a special form of lease agreement by which a corporation (whether an LLC or a spa) leases property for use by its shareholders, employees and contractors.

The typical use of the guesthouse lease is for a company that finds itself operating permanently or temporarily in a city (e.g., a bank that has opened a new branch, or a construction company hired for medium- to long-term work) and wants to provide its employees with accommodation: in fact, this type of contract regulates the relationship between the property owner (landlord) and the company (tenant). Precisely because of the nature of the agreement, the company that signs a contract for guesthouse use is guaranteed a certain amount of freedom over the tenants who will, in fact, then occupy the property, being able to “manage” and change them according to the company’s own needs.

In addition to the benefits of more flexible tenant management, a rather recent ruling (ruling No. 470/03/14) has moreover sanctioned theapplicability of the dry coupon also to rental contracts for guesthouse use and not, as previously interpreted by the Internal Revenue Service, only on contracts concluded between individuals.

University guest quarters

Universities also use similar contractual forms in the management of university guesthouses: residences used for the temporary stay of faculty, students and their relatives, according to rules (and prices) set by the individual university.

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Definitely a great solution for those looking for temporary accommodation, perhaps while looking for a house or room to rent (in that case, remember: a regular lease is a must!).

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