The best neighborhoods in Rome: Where to live

The best neighborhoods in Rome: Where to live

The best neighborhoods in Rome are very different from each other, but they have some commonalities.

Moving to Rome

Buses, streetcars, and subways are part of the huge network of public transportation in Rome’s neighborhoods. However, many have said that it is not particularly reliable, and if you reside in one of the locations with poor connectivity, it could ruin your experience.

Many Rome residents have chosen to use a scooter or bicycle to get around. In addition, there are an increasing number of ride-sharing options in Rome that you can use according to your needs.


The crime rate in Rome ranges from moderate to high, just like in any other tourist city. Pickpocketing, vandalism and related attacks constitute the majority of crimes. It is good to keep your guard up, especially at night. Some neighborhoods in Rome are undoubtedly safer than others.

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Guide to the best neighborhoods in Rome

Best neighborhoods in Rome: Monti

Monti, a neighborhood in the heart of Rome, is an ideal place for shopping and other recreational activities. Despite being downtown, Monti attracts fewer tourists than the neighborhoods located nearby. As a result, the neighborhood offers a more urban atmosphere without sacrificing accessibility to the busy city.

You are in luck because the Parco del Colle Oppio is located exactly in the center of the neighborhood. You will undoubtedly be able to get a breath of fresh air. It is possible to reach the more remote parts of the city with the various public transportation links in the area.

Best neighborhoods in Rome: Trastevere

Rome’s most artistic neighborhood is called Trastevere and is located on the eastern bank of the Tiber River. As a result, some of the best nightlife options in Rome can be found here. Trastevere, which was once known as “the rebel quarter,” is the ideal fusion of the old and the new.

The area’s magnificent architecture and winding cobblestone-covered streets are appreciated by locals and visitors alike, making this Roman center a unique experience. Nearby are several entertainment options, including bars, restaurants, and the Botanical Garden of Rome.

Trastevere’s bohemian attitude means that the streets can get rowdy at night because of its proximity to the city center and two American universities. This indicates that the neighborhood is less family-friendly than other more suburban ones.

Getting around on foot or by bicycle

There are no subway stops near the Trastevere neighborhood, which is a clear disadvantage. To get around on foot, take the bus or ride a bicycle, as the neighborhood is car-free.

You won’t always be more than 20 minutes from your destination in the city, so don’t worry too much.

Best neighborhoods in Rome: Historic Center

We are in the Historic Center of Rome, the historic heart of the city. If you want to feel like you are in the heart of ancient Rome, this is the neighborhood where you should be.

At the heart of the Roman environment

However, “the real Roman experience” is currently very popular among tourists. The Centro Storico is home to the famous “Trident” of shopping streets, as well as the Trevi Fountain, the Colosseum and the Roman Forum.

The lack of medium- and long-term housing is due to the tourist attractiveness of the area. Prices are higher than in other less central places because of limited options.

Best neighborhoods in Rome: Ostiense

Rome’s Ostiense district, once Rome’s industrial hub, is undergoing redevelopment. The area is known for its countercultural movement and street art.

Ostiense is a family-friendly neighborhood compared to the city’s historic district, despite being less central. Old factories and warehouses isolated from residential structures are the center of the area’s nightlife.

The neighborhood offers all necessary services and is well connected to the rest of the city by public transportation. There are several schools and institutes in the neighborhood, so both local and out-of-state students are likely to be spotted.

Best neighborhoods in Rome: Prati

Prati, a neighborhood well situated between classical and modern, tourist and residential, is close to the Vatican and Castel Sant’Angelo.

This area, known as the quiet side of Rome, has wider streets and more vegetation. As a result, Prati may look less like an old Roman swamp and more like a neighborhood in Paris. There is a wide choice of upscale restaurants, trendy stores, and grocery stores.

The “white-collar” neighborhood of Prati in Rome has the highest standard of living. The affluent neighborhood is the business center of Rome during the day and a quiet neighborhood at night. Tourists are far less common than residents, who make up the vast majority.

The area is connected to the center of Rome via the Metro line A. Living here, you will never be too far from the bustling central areas.

Best neighborhoods in Rome: Testaccio

Testaccio makes up for the lack of historic buildings with superb dining experiences. The district is best known for its famous market, which in the early 20th century was the entry point for all food imports to Rome.

Lively nightlife and affordable housing can be found in the Testaccio neighborhood, which is just across the street from Trastevere.

Testaccio is a neighborhood populated mostly by families, young professionals and artists. Because the area is connected to the rest of the city by public transportation, you are unlikely to need a car to get around.

Best neighborhoods in Rome: Monteverde Vecchio

If you are looking for a quiet refuge from the concrete jungle, Monteverde Vecchio, known as Rome’s greenest neighborhood, is the place to be. The large park, which includes Villa Pamphilj and the Janiculum Hill, is perfect for relaxing.

The neighborhood, populated mainly by elderly residents, is as quiet as can be in bustling Rome. Families love the area because of the quiet environment and the abundance of middle and high schools.

The many bus and streetcar lines that transport you to the center of Rome make up for the lack of a metro connection.

Are you ready to choose where to rent in Rome now that you have a general idea about the best neighborhoods in Rome!?

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