Room for rent: 7 points to keep in mind

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Dry coupon on rents: complete guide

The dry coupon is an optional taxation regime for income deriving from the rental of residential properties , which is characterized by the replacement of the ordinary taxation system, based on IRPEF and the related regional and municipal surtaxes. This alternative tax regime, introduced by Legislative Decree no. 23 of 14 March 2011, offers numerous […]


The free loan for use in 2023

The free loan for use is a very common type of contract in Italy, especially as regards the granting of real estate such as houses or land. In this article, you will find all the information you need to understand what the free loan for use is, how it works, what the obligations and rights […]


Residential Lease Agreement: Guide and Downloadable Resources

One of the most important documents in the life of a tenant and a property owner is the residential lease. A residential lease agreement sets out the terms and conditions for a tenant to use a home. In this article, we’ll walk you through all the basics of a residential lease, from the various types […]


Getting around Florence by public transportation

Florence, one of the most beautiful and historically rich cities in Italy, attracts millions of tourists and visitors every year. The city is perfectly preserved and offers a wide variety of attractions, including famous museums, churches and historic buildings. However, getting around Florence can be a difficult task for less experienced visitors. Fortunately, public transportation […]


Studying in Turin: the best universities

Turin is one of the most fascinating cities in Italy, known for its history, culture and architecture. It is not only a tourist city but also an important academic center, hosting some of the best universities in the country. If you are thinking of studying in Turin, here you will find a guide to the […]


How to calculate the rent

Calculating the rent for an apartment may seem like a complex task. With some basic information and a little planning, a competitive rent can be determined. In this article, we will explore some of the key factors to consider when calculating rent. We will give some guidelines to help owners determine a fair price. Calculating […]


Getting around in Turin: public and private transportation

Turin is a vibrant and dynamic city with an efficient and well-organized public transportation network. However, sometimes it can be difficult to navigate the different transportation options and choose the one that best suits your needs. In this article, we will look at the different alternatives for getting around Turin, from public transportation to private […]


Nightlife in Bologna: nights and events

Bologna ‘s nightlife is one of the liveliest and most varied in Italy. With its many clubs, discos, pubs, and restaurants, the Emilian city offers a wide range of options for spending the evenings, both for young people and adults. San Lorenzo Neighborhood For starters, one of the most popular neighborhoods for nightlife in Bologna […]


Dry rent: when does it pay off?

Dry rent coupon is a tax option introduced by the Italian government to incentivize rent-sharing and encourage investment in residential properties. This is a flat rate of 21 percent that replaces the registration tax, stamp duty and VAT on free or agreed rentals. But when is it better to opt for dry coupon and when […]


Lease agreement: terms and duration

If you are looking to rent an apartment or room as a student or young worker, there are some basic things to know about the lease. There are two different types of leases: transient lease and residential lease. Terms and duration are important factors to consider when signing the lease. So let’s take a look […]