Studying in Florence at night: six libraries that make it possible

Studying in Florence at night: six libraries that make it possible

In the midst of the winter session, the college student needs study places where he can devote himself to books, not only during the day, but, also and especially, during the evening hours. Here’s an effective vademecum of Florence’s libraries that are also open in the evenings: for studying, sheltering from the cold, and facing the dreaded exams in the best possible way!

The winter session is approaching. And, with her, so did the most intense moments of study. In the morning, in the afternoon, but especially in the evening.

It seems almost needless to say, but many students at this time of year forgo various alcoholic soirees to devote every minute to the dreaded session just around the corner.

To help students make the best of this period, we have prepared a small Guide to libraries and places where you can study in Florence after 7 p.m., when Florentine faculties and libraries close their doors, preventing us from reading the very book we so desperately needed for the exam.

Happy reading.

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Cover image: Florentine Municipal Libraries http://www.biblioteche.comune.fi.it/. – modificata

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