Studying in a City by the Sea: Ideas for Summer

Studying in a City by the Sea: Ideas for Summer

Studying in a city near the sea is a great advantage over boiling hot cities like Florence, Milan and Padua. Why not take advantage of it?
That’s why we want to give you some ideas for the summer and recommend the beaches closest to the center of Genoa, Naples and Catania that you can easily reach to get a tan and relax between exam sessions.

Beaches of Genoa

Studying and living in Genoa, a city full of charm and history, provides endless surprises.
While in winter you can explore the old town neighborhoods recounted by Fabrizio De André in his songs, in summer you can enjoy the beaches in and around Genoa.
We recommend some that are easy to reach by public transportation or close to points of interest.

Genoa city beaches

Here is one of Genoa’s beaches that is easy to reach even for those without their own transportation, just minutes from the city center, perfect for taking a break from studying:


Boccadasse is a picturesque seaside overlook in Genoa where you can go to experience the beach at any time of day without straying far from the center.
It can be reached by walking down Corso Italia all the way, or in just ten minutes by bus from Genoa Brignole station.
The water may not be the most crystal clear, but the central location and charm of this old fishing village are priceless.

Genoa beaches near Aquarium

While it’s true that we don’t find many Genoa beaches near the Aquarium and Airport because of the proximity to Genoa’s huge Naval Port, we want to give you an idea for the summer: if you have younger siblings, invite your family to the city where you study for an intense day of sea and Aquarium that will make you a “hero” in the eyes of the little ones. Here’s where to take them:

Fourth of a Thousand

Quarto dei Mille is a location overlooking the sea on the route to the Genoa Aquarium for those arriving from lower Liguria or Tuscany.
In Quarto dei Mille you will find small beaches that are a little rocky but equally equipped with bathing establishments and clubs, where your whole family can relax.

Beaches of Naples

For those who have lived and studied in Naples for years, as well as for those who have just arrived and are still trying to find their way around areas and neighborhoods, the question is just one: what are the free beaches in Naples?
Not many, true, but here are the best free beaches in Naples among those reported by the City.

Free beaches Naples

Here are the free beaches in Naples reachable by land and very close to the center:

Broken Column Beach

Right in the center, on the waterfront of Via Caracciolo, this small access to the sea is swimmable and also has a small sandy area, as well as rocky: there is something for everyone except, however, for those who do not like crowds.

Rotunda Diaz Beach

Another beach to avoid if you can’t stand the crowds but great if you want to take a swim without moving from downtown Naples, as it is a free beach but equipped with sunbeds and showers for a fee. Definitely the ideal solution if that darn exam in September doesn’t really allow you to go on a real vacation!

Gaiola Beach

Further away from the center, in Posillipo, this free beach is really crowded only on weekends so rush to earn a spot in the sun Monday through Friday with practical clothing: the area is rocky and steep, nothing dangerous but there is definitely a need for proper clothing. The beauty of the water is guaranteed.

Catania Beaches

Those who have already been studying in Catania for some time know that the city “comes alive” in the summer, including tourists and beach life. On the other hand, if you have just enrolled at the University of Catania and are visiting the city in search of a good neighborhood to rent a room, take the opportunity to fight the heat by bathing in crystal clear waters. Where.
Here are some ideas for summer in Sicily:

Beaches near center Catania

Crystal clear water, volcanic rocks, “wild” landscape and Etna in the background: beaches near the center exist in Catania and they are all beautiful.

Playa of Catania

“Plaia” or “Playa,” as it may be called, is the 18-km-long beach directly in front of Catania in the direction of Syracuse.
In the Plaia you’ll find breathtaking scenery and you’ll feel like you’re touching Mount Etna with your finger as you cool off in azure waters, all without straying far from the city.
La Plaia is a mainly equipped coastline with private bathrooms but there are some small areas managed by the municipality where you can access the sea at no cost.

Free beaches Catania

Although outnumbered by bathing establishments, there are free beaches in Catania on every shoreline, and they are all beautiful, such as the spaces with free access in Aci Trezza and Aci Castello beach, slightly outside the city center.
If, however, you are necessarily looking for a free beach near the center of Catania, here is an alternative solution:

Europe Square Solarium

The City of Catania provides citizens with real solariums, platforms with access to the sea where people can sunbathe and swim safely thanks to the beach rescue service. Isn’t it a perfect idea to study while tanning?

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