Studying and living away from home

Studying and living away from home

School and exams have recently ended, but it is already time to think about your future. If you have decided to enroll in college and your chosen faculty is located too far from home, you should start looking for housing now so that you are not unprepared for the start of your first academic year.

The search for housing

You are on the threshold of a major change, so waste no time and get to work right away to make this new adventure enjoyable and positive. The first step to take in order to best prepare for your first real off-site experience is to begin your research by starting with the Web. Online you can find several interesting services that allow you to search for rooms or apartments for rent, but the best in this regard, simply because it is dedicated precisely to the college students, è, where you can find single rooms, double rooms and apartments for rent, select the city and room type, and you’re done!

Let’s face it, when you are a student and looking for housing, it is never easy to find the right offer, partly because there are many requirements, first and foremost to save money. Not all property owners, moreover, are willing to grant short term rentals. Normally, however, right near the universities, many landlords arrange to make their apartments student-friendly, making the different rooms autonomous and leaving the shared spaces available to tenants. In this way, a single apartment comes to be able to accommodate as many as four or five students, in single or double rooms. This second alternative obviously saves considerably on the rental price, and the choice in this regard is entirely up to you, based on how much privacy matters from your point of view and how much you care about establishing interpersonal relationships with possible roommates instead.

Set appointments and the first inspection

By doing your research before you leave, you can already contact the owners and ask them for all the clarifications and information you need. After taking notes and deciding which proposals might be right for you, you might decide to devote a few days to viewing properties, staying at a hostel or b&b and concentrating all your appointments in that short time.
That wouldn’t be a bad idea, also because you could take advantage of those few days of patrol of the university district and the city to take information and Also begin to orient yourself to some important aspects such as the location of your faculty and the location of the student secretary’s office, which especially in your first months as a college student will be your most important point of reference.
When you meet with the owners you should ask them as many questions as you can think of, without worrying about being overly pedantic. Keep in mind that the one you are about to make is an important decision, a choice that will shape your life in the coming years, and it is imperative that you make it with proper awareness. If you don’t know where to start, here is a short article on the 10 questions to ask when visiting an apartment, read it and write down all the questions in a note, it will come in handy! Choosing the wrong house and finding out after you have already signed a contract and brought all your belongings could in fact be detrimental, not only because in order to change accommodation, again abiding by the terms of the contract, you would have to start the search all over again, but also because all this would have to be done when classes have already started and this would be a major distraction from studying.
So find out about the division of expenses, how the heating works, whether independent or centralized, and, why not, also try to figure out what kind of neighborhood you ended up in. You may happen to return late in the evening, and it is important that the area you are going to live in is quiet. Taking a tour of the surroundings before stopping the room or apartment would not be a bad idea, to realize the situation with your own eyes and not risk any nasty surprises.

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Departure anxiety? Don’t worry, it’s normal!

Does the new experience worry you a little? Don’t worry, it is absolutely normal. Who would not be apprehensive about the idea of dropping everything to move to an unfamiliar city, far away from friends and family? Yet, keep in mind that this initial feeling of anxiety will soon give way to a growing enthusiasm, which is what assails all off-campus students as they begin to settle in, meet new people, and make friends. At that point, you will see that the initial loneliness will be just a bad memory. The kind of relationship you are able to establish with your roommates will also play an important role. Sometimes friendships are born under these circumstances that are destined to last for years to come, and all this only enhances the experience of being away from home. Begin to really experience the city you will have moved to will help you stop feeling so strongly about being away from home, and this will be the best distraction as you wait to re-embrace your loved ones on your first return, perhaps for a bridge or the long holiday season.
At an early stage of staying in the new city, why hide it, it can be a great help to know someone, a friend or relative, who like you is away from home, not necessarily for study, but also for work, and can therefore give you a hand in settling in. Having a reference person to whom you can turn in case of need is always good; however, the important thing is that the same person does not prove to be too oppressive and leaves the right amount of space for your freedom. Sometimes, in fact, the downside of having someone you know right there, just a few steps away, can be to feel overly pressured and controlled by someone who, bigger than you, thinks it is good to have his or her say on every choice you make. Always remember that the off-site experience should be lived fully in all its aspects, and even the mistakes will help you grow and measure yourself against the different choices that life will present you with.

Friendships and loves stay at home

Of course, one needs to be psychologically prepared to face an experience that will be new in everything and especially full of challenges from start to finish.
Even worse if you are leaving a boyfriend or girlfriend at home. How many times must he have asked you not to leave? We can imagine that, and it is obvious that if you care about that person you will be very conflicted about what choice to make. Know, however, that your he or she is giving you enormous confidence, and you should always keep this in mind during your time away. Do not think that your relationship will be damaged by this experience of yours. In fact, the opposite will probably happen. In fact, distance only strengthens true relationships, those that have a solid foundation.

” All this to tell you to leave all worries aside. Friends, relatives and your better half are always there waiting for you, but you are about to have a very important experience that can change all your future perspectives. Studying will be just one of all the aspects that will allow you to grow to the fullest during your time away. “

The suitcase: how do I carry everything?

That said, you’ll want to start packing, or at least making an initial list of all those items you can’t help but take with you. To talk about one suitcase is perhaps a bit reductive. In fact, know that on your first departure there will be so many things you should not forget at home. The main difficulty that all departing students encounter when packing their suitcases is precisely the limited space available. If one travels by car or bus the problem is minimized, but those who are forced to take the plane find themselves with extremely ironclad baggage limits to which they can do nothing but adapt. How? There are normally two tricks to be adopted. The first is toorganize the luggage according to the season. Suppose you are leaving in October, for example, it will be useless to take all your summer wardrobe with you right away, which you will not use for many months. Given the limited space available, therefore, the advice is to focus only on winter clothes. There will be time to bring everything else on a second trip. Another trick that departing students normally adopt is to have another person accompany them, who can carry a second piece of luggage. In this way there will be significantly fewer things to give up. In any case, it is always good to assess how much is really indispensable and what, on the other hand, one could safely deprive oneself of. When moving to a new home, one always thinks that one has to bring everything right away, but instead, one should keep in mind that it is usually better to arrive at the house first and, after having a clear understanding of what is missing, buy it directly there. In this way, you will not risk carrying an unnecessary load in your luggage and will be able to face your departure with the right lightheartedness.

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