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Students, between books and house parties: 4 drinks for 4 different situations

Students, between books and house parties: 4 drinks for 4 different situations

Parties, appetizers, and celebrations-every time is the right time to have a good drink and relax with friends. However, it often happens that the improvised bartender does not know exactly what he is doing and ends up creating an undrinkable and almost disgusting cocktail. Of course, it must be admitted that a student cannot do everything, but he can always learn. In this regard, know that there are some very simple drinks that you can make that you can offer to your fellow students and make a really good impression.

Ready to have 4 recipes at your fingertips for 4 drinks with friends? Ideal for a day of study, forgetting a failed exam, a pre-dinner drink and a little party with friends.

Let’s start with a very simple cocktail that is perfect for relaxing after a day of study or celebrating Women’s Day with your classmates: the Mimosa. This drink is fresh and also very light, and enjoyed by both men and women. Simple and quick to prepare, the Mimosa cocktail features the taste of orange juice and the delicate bubbles of sparkling wine. The origins of this drink date back to 1925, when a bartender at the Ritz Hotel in Paris invented it. From the color he thought of the name, and from that moment the Mimosa became a light, tasty cocktail that was so popular as an aperitif and as the main drink at Sunday brunches in some parts of the world.


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Preparing it is very simple for one glass you will need:

– 75 ml brut sparkling wine;
– 75 ml orange juice (better if prepared by you with a juicer and good oranges);
– A slice of orange or other fruit to decorate the flute.

If you have the handy cocktail mixing attachment, go ahead and use it, otherwise just pour the juice into the glass and, immediately afterward, the very cool sparkling wine. At this point, all you have to do is garnish the drink and serve. You will see that it will be a perfect drink especially for girls and will allow you to make a good impression with really little effort.

The second cocktail is a bit more challenging and certainly looks like the ideal long drink for forgetting about a failed exam or even for relaxing days by the pool with your classmates. Of course, again this is a light drink, but one that will nevertheless be able to give you and your friends some cheerfulness. We are talking about the Tequila Sunrise, which is called a long drink because, unlike the Mimosa, we are talking about as much as 250-300 ml of cocktail, which is why it will take longer to sip.

However, its alcohol content is not excessively high so it is a drink that allows you to enjoy its flavor and the freshness of the fruit very well, without making you lose control. Apparently, Tequila Sunrise was born in the 1950s at the hands of Gene Sulit, the bartender at the Arizona Biltmore Resort, but its true origins are still uncertain.

Tequila Sunrise


In any case, we know for sure that to prepare a glass you will need to equip yourself with:

– 180 ml filtered orange juice;
– 90 ml white tequila;
– 30 ml grenadine.
You can use some orange slices and/or some candied cherries to garnish the drink.

Again you can shake the ingredients or place ice cubes in a glass and consequently pour in the liqueur, orange juice and grenadine and stir them. Remember that this drink should be enjoyed cold, so as to make the most of its distinctive sweet-and-sour, assertive and thirst-quenching flavor. Tequila Sunrise is such a perfect long drink to the point that in 1973 the Eagles dedicated a song to it, and many filmmakers have featured it in some of the most beautiful scenes in movies from the late 1980s to the present. Therefore, don’t miss it during your breaks from studying in the company of your friends.

With similar color and milder taste, we find the Bellini. This, too, is a light and refreshing thirst-quenching cocktail. You can use it as an aperitif before dinner with your friends: talking about one professor and another, the Bellini will surely be able to make you feel more serene and make you put aside the usual college stress!

The Bellini is a cocktail born in 1948 from the ideas of Giuseppe Cipriani, a.k.a. the owner of Harry’s Bar, a fantastic venue in Venice. The name of the drink is due to the fact that an exhibition of Giovanni Bellini’s paintings was being inaugurated on that occasion. Rumor has it that Mr. Cipriani found the inspiration for his new drink by looking at the artist’s paintings. Initially, Champagne was used instead of sparkling white wine, and raspberry puree was added along with the peach puree. With time things have changed but, surely, you can take a cue from this ancient and original recipe to make an even better impression and become a student/bartender of excellence.



To reintroduce Bellini fame to your fellow students quickly and easily, know that for 3 people you will need:

– a bottle of brut sparkling wine (alternatively, you can use prosecco or sparkling white wine);
– A bottle of peach juice and some fresh fruit for garnish.

Of course, if you wish, you can centrifuge the peaches and combine them with the pulp to make a tasty do-it-yourself juice that will make the Bellini even more delicious. You’ll be on the safe side with this drink: delicate, perfect for pouring into flutes and ideal for a toast to passing various exams before a good dinner with your friends. You can choose the amounts according to your taste and the degree of alcohol as well as sweetness you prefer.

Finally, we offer the Spritz: unique, strong and much loved. Women appreciate it and men really enjoy drinking it. It comes across as ideal for a little party among classmates or as the perfect diversion after a heavy afternoon of group study. Spritz was also born a long time ago, but it has undergone so many evolutions. In fact, in its “first version” it was prepared with sparkling wine and water and therefore was definitely different from what we know now.

Its origins are rooted in the Veneto region, indicatively in the years marking the late 1700s, although some believe it was devised in the early 1800s. However, the Spritz did not originate from the mind of an Italian, but rather from the creativity of Austrian soldiers. The latter, over time, brought this drink to the tables of us all by mixing Veneto wine with seltzer. In this way, the drink became lighter and easily digestible. In fact, its name comes from the German verb “spritzen,” which means “to spray.”



Currently, Spritz is a different matter altogether, and everyone prepares it a bit as they prefer. In any case, the most popular version is the one we are about to propose. For a regular glass, you will need:

– 3 parts white wine or prosecco;
– 2 parts Aperol;
– some sparkling water, half an orange slice and, of course, some ice.

After putting the latter in the glass, insert the other ingredients, stir and garnish with the half orange slice. Of course, again, you can present yourself as a perfect bartender by using the shaker.

In short, after much study you can change your evenings by creating a quick and easy cocktail, without making mistakes. Advice? If you enjoy making drinks, equip yourself with the right glasses and the “tools” of the trade, and the result will be even more exemplary!

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