Room to rent? 5 tricks for taking perfect photos

Room to rent? 5 tricks for taking perfect photos

Taking a nice picture of the room to rent is one of the 5 rules for the perfect listing, which will have you finding the ideal roommate in no time.

Here are 5 tricks for taking perfect photos:

Take daytime photos

Light is the most important element of a photo; your photos will stand out among all the others if you take them during the day and your ad will be the most viewed. The best light is generally in the morning.
The only difficulty: getting the almost-ex-roommate out of the room before noon.

Edit the photo with an app

When the room is a bit cramped and even natural light is not enough, photo editing apps come to your rescue, right on your phone.
The parameters to be changed to get more light are: brightness (to be increased), contrast, highlights and shadows. Practice makes perfect!

Some apps for editing photos:

VSCO cam
A Color Story

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Put in order

Before you even take the shot, tidy up the room (and the rest of the house, where possible) by removing personal items that might distract the person viewing the photo. Accommodation seekers need to be able to project themselves into the room, imagine their belongings in it and fantasize about the best way to organize the space, so…don’t get in the way of your future roommate’s dream!

Give a touch of design

True, we just said not to leave personal items in the room, but we recommend that you include some “design” items that do not involve an expense: a vase with a flower, a few magazines placed ad hoc, an open notebook with a pen on it, in short, anything that invites you to live your daily life in there. It takes very little to make an environment look pleasantly “sophisticated”!

Frame it all

Photograph the whole house because people looking for housing have the right (and certainly the curiosity) to see all the spaces even before they decide whether to answer the ad.
Same for the room: photograph it from various angles to show it all.
Also, the more photos you have, the more appealing and confidence inspiring your ad will be.

That said…good luck!

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