Rents in Bologna: guide to average prices

Rents in Bologna: guide to average prices

If you are thinking of moving to Bologna, one of the most important aspects is to know the average prices of the
rents in Bologna
. It is important to take stock and make sure you know where your money is going. In this post we will take a look at average rents in Bologna and what to expect when renting a room or apartment.

Rentals in Bologna: average prices

Analyzing the values of the many ads on our portal, we found that:

Rentals in Bologna: neighborhoods to live in

Most expensive neighborhoods

The prices of
rents in Bologna
also vary depending on the neighborhood you choose. The most expensive neighborhoods in Bologna are generally located in the city center or near the main train station. For example, a one-bedroom apartment near Piazza Maggiore will cost about €1,000/month. An apartment near Porta San Donato will cost about €850/month. Other neighborhoods such as San Vitale, Santo Stefano and Saragozza are slightly less expensive, with one-bedroom apartments ranging from 750 to 850 euros per month.

Cheap neighborhoods

If you are looking for something cheaper, there are many inexpensive options outside the city center. The area around the University of Bologna offers relatively cheap rents, with studio apartments starting at €600/month.

The Navile and San Ruffillo neighborhoods offer more convenient options. Prices range from 600 to 700 euros per month. Further away from the center are areas such as Barca di Reno and Castel del Rio. Here rental prices drop further, with one-bedroom apartments available from 400 euros per month.

Rentals in Bologna: a few tips

We provide you with some useful tips for looking for your
house for rent in Bologna
. Advice given based on results identified by our ad platform.

Rentals in Bologna: looking for an apartment to share

Try searching for an
apartment for rent in Bologna
on Bologna Stanze if your search for a
single room
does not produce results.
Look for someone who is in a similar situation to you to rent the apartment together. Try to agree to share the expenses of the property.

Looking for a room with a friend of yours

double room in Bologna
can be less unpleasant than you think if you have a friend who is looking for accommodation and with whom you get along well. One
double room
is undoubtedly associated with giving up some of one’s privacy. Moreover, based on our statistics, it seems to be the most cost-effective housing, and having a friend in such a murky city can only be beneficial.

When it comes to finding an apartment in Bologna, there is no “right” answer. It depends on your budget and lifestyle preferences! With rents ranging from 750 to 1,000 euros per month depending on location and amenities, as well as a plethora of neighborhoods offering different experiences within the same city limits, students have plenty of choice when searching for rental properties in Bologna. Be sure to do your research before committing so you get the best deal possible! Happy research!


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