Renting Foreign Students: contract and information

Renting Foreign Students: contract and information

Renting a house or rooms to foreign students can be an interesting opportunity for property owners. In this article, we will explain everything you need to know about the rental agreement for foreign students , the laws and regulations to follow, and how best to prepare your property to welcome university students from abroad. When you’re ready, you can put your house for rent on Uniaffitti for foreign students!

Laws and regulations for renting foreign students

To rent a property to non-EU foreign students, it is necessary to refer to Legislative Decree 286/98 of 25 July. In particular, the rent to non-EU foreign students is governed by articles 7 and 12 of the same decree.

In the event of non-compliance with legal obligations, the landlord may be punished with imprisonment from six months to three years.

It is therefore essential to inform yourself adequately about the laws in force and to follow all the procedures correctly.

Fiscal and administrative obligations

In addition to complying with specific laws for renting to foreign students, property owners must also comply with general tax and administrative obligations under lease agreements.

These include registering the contract, paying taxes and reporting the tenant’s data to the relevant authorities.

The Revenue Agency offers the possibility of registering contracts online also for foreigners .

Safety and hygiene rules

Local and national laws also establish regulations on the safety and hygiene of properties rented to foreign students.

These rules may concern, for example, the maintenance of electrical and plumbing systems, the installation of fire-fighting devices and the regular cleaning of common areas.

Paying attention to these rules can make all the difference in finding international students to rent your home to.

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The lease agreement for foreign university students

The lease contract for non-EU foreign university students must refer to Art. 7 and 12 of Legislative Decree 286/98.

In general, the lease can be free, with a variable duration based on the needs of the landlord and the tenant.

However, it is important to bear in mind that foreign students may need a lease of adequate duration to obtain or renew their residence permit.

In this sense, it might make sense to evaluate solutions such as the agreed rental contract or the transitional rental contract for international students.

Important clauses in the contract

In the foreign student rental contract , it is important to include clear and detailed clauses regarding:

  • The duration of the contract and the methods of renewal or cancellation;
  • The amount of the rent and the method of payment;
  • The deposit, if any, required, and the conditions for its return;
  • The obligations of the landlord and the tenant regarding the maintenance of the property and the condominium expenses;
  • Any rules or restrictions on the use of the property (for example, no smoking or pets);
  • The procedure to follow in case of disputes or problems with the property .

The wisest choice is always to consult a lawyer or real estate expert to draw up an adequate contract that complies with the law.

Required documentation

In order to stipulate a foreign student rental contract , it is necessary to ask potential tenants for documentation relating to their identity, their academic situation and, if they are non-EU citizens, their residence permit.

Some of these documents could be:

  • Passport or identity card;
  • Certificate of enrollment in university or study programme;
  • Residence permit (for non-EU students);
  • Any references or bank guarantees.

It is important to carefully check the documentation provided to avoid legal or administrative problems later.

Prepare the property for foreign student rental

To make your property attractive to foreign students, it is important to pay attention to several aspects, including furnishings, comfort, shared spaces, security and communication.

Here are some suggestions to prepare the property for renting foreign students :

Furniture and comfort

Overseas students tend to look for fully furnished, ready-to-use accommodation.

Make sure you provide essential furniture such as a bed, wardrobe, desk and chair, and make sure the kitchen is equipped with basic appliances and utensils.

Furthermore, it is important to ensure that the property has adequate heating, hot water and internet access.

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Shared spaces and additional services

If you’re renting rooms in a shared apartment or student residence, you need to pay attention to common areas and additional services.

Students will appreciate clean and well-appointed common areas, such as kitchens, bathrooms, and spaces for studying or relaxing.

Offering additional services, such as laundry, gym or bicycle parking, can position the property on the market as more desirable and attract students with higher than average disposable income.


International students, especially those moving to a new country for the first time, attach great importance to the security of their accommodation.

It is important to ensure that the property is equipped with adequate locks, closable windows and, if possible, a video surveillance system or a caretaker.

Furthermore, it is always wise to check that the property complies with all safety regulations, such as the installation of smoke and carbon monoxide detectors.

Communication and support

Being available and ready to communicate with foreign students is essential to build trust and ensure a positive rental experience. Living in a country other than one’s place of origin generates many questions and insecurities, and it is natural that it is so.

Provide your tenants with clear and detailed information about the house, the rules to follow and nearby services.

In addition, offer support in case of problems or questions and try to resolve any inconvenience quickly.

Promote the property for renting foreign students

To attract foreign students interested in renting to foreign students , it is important to use effective and targeted marketing strategies.

Some suggestions for promoting your property are:

Online ads

Publish detailed and captivating announcements on the main websites and platforms specialized in student rentals, such as Uniaffitti .

Include high-quality photographs and an accurate description of the property, possibly in English, highlighting features and services that may be of interest to international students.

Collaboration with universities and schools

Many higher education institutions offer consultancy and support services to foreign students in finding accommodation.

Collaborate with local universities and schools, providing information about your property and participating in any exhibitions or events dedicated to renting for foreign students .

Social media and word of mouth

Use social media to promote your property and reach a wider audience. Also, encourage students who have had a good experience in your property to share their opinion with friends and acquaintances, in order to create a network of referrals and word of mouth.

Uniaffitti’s social channels are an excellent means of promotion to obtain a lease for foreign university students.

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In conclusion, renting a house or rooms to foreign students can be a lucrative and rewarding opportunity for property owners.

However, it is essential to be well informed about the laws and regulations in force, to draw up a suitable rental agreement and to ensure that the property meets the needs and expectations of the students. By following the advice and information provided in this guide, you will be ready to successfully start renting to foreign students and offer a comfortable and safe living experience to your international tenants.

In summary, here are the key points to remember to successfully rent to foreign students:

  1. Find out about the laws and regulations applicable to hiring foreign students and fulfill tax and administrative obligations.
  2. Draw up a lease agreement compliant with the provisions of Legislative Decree 286/98 and include clear and detailed clauses regarding rent, deposit, maintenance and liability.
  3. Check the documentation provided by foreign students and follow the legal and administrative procedures for registering the contract and communicating the tenant’s data to the competent authorities.
  4. Prepare the property to make it attractive, safe and comfortable for foreign students, paying attention to furnishings, shared spaces, security and communication.
  5. Promote the property through online ads, collaborations with universities and schools and use of social media and word of mouth.

By following these steps, you can maximize the potential of your property and ensure a positive rental experience for both you and your international tenants.

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