Rentals in Perugia: a guide to the best areas

Rentals in Perugia: a guide to the best areas

“And the sun in the radiant blue immense, Till of the Abruzzi to the distant whiteness, Folgora, and with love’s most intense desire, Laughs at the mountains of Umbria and the green plain.” So wrote Giosuè Carducci, the well-known Tuscan poet, about Perugia.

Those looking for homes for rent in Perugia are sure to be fascinated by the beautiful city in central Italy. Perugia is an inland Umbrian city famous for its historical tradition. Smaller than other well-known Italian cities, it is truly on a human scale, and offers a very good quality of life for its inhabitants, with a rich cultural and tourist offering.

It stretches over a hill, with valleys opening around the historic center. Perugia is known for its university, founded in 1308 and now home to some 34,000 students, for the ‘University for Foreigners, which has 5,000 attendees, and also for some smaller colleges, such as the Pietro Vannucci Academy of Fine Arts, a public university founded in 1573.

University town status is not everything, Perugia is in fact also a well-known cultural and artistic center: the city hosts annual festivals and events such as the highly regarded
held in October, the
Umbria Jazz Festival
in July, and the
International Journalism Festival
in April. It is also associated with prominent people in the arts, such as the painters Raphael and Perugino.

Those looking for a room to rent in Perugia can choose from different areas of the city: prices are lower than in other university cities (comparing it to Rome or Milan, for example) due in part to the cost of living. Given the turnout at the University for Foreigners, it is a city where cultures from around the world merge. Let’s see which are the best neighborhoods to rent a house in Perugia

Historical center

The old town is very beautiful and boasts a surprisingly developed nightlife. Here are the city’s main monuments such as the Major Fountain, the Palazzo dei Priori and the Cathedral of San Lorenzo. From the area’s many natural balconies you can enjoy romantic views of the surrounding valleys-the perfect place for a first date for your new partner you just met at the faculty! The historic center is well served by transportation, as the Sant’Anna station, the southern terminus of the Minimetrò, and three escalator facilities are located there.


Elce is the quintessential university area. Indeed, the headquarters of the University of Perugia (along Innamorati Street), and the departments of Mathematics, Economics, Chemistry and Biology, Political Science and Physics are located here. The area is very quiet and safe, there is ample availability of houses for rent, and by looking well, given the high demand, you could get great prices.


The Monteluce neighborhood, quiet yet close to the historic center, may be a good compromise. Several new buildings have sprung up where the Polyclinic originally stood, and because of this there is an abundance of rental housing. There are many services and the area is well connected: it is an ideal choice for those looking for a house for rent in Perugia in a quiet neighborhood in the evening, but at the same time close to the historic center.

Lower town and suburban areas

Those who like nature and comfort can choose to live outside the center, because Perugia is quite well connected. The city is located on a hillside, and its center is made up of narrow, mostly pedestrian-only streets.Those who like larger spaces and want all the amenities at their disposal would be better off looking for rental housing in the lower city or outlying areas. It is the “new” part of the city, which arose as a result of the urban expansion that took place in the last century, but it is still a pleasant area to live in, quiet and very well served. Among other things, it is possible to reach the historic center by a very convenient escalator system.

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