Rentals in Naples: areas and neighborhoods

Rentals in Naples: areas and neighborhoods

Naples is one of the most beautiful cities in our country: art, history, culture and scenic beauty combine to create a metropolis that is alive and vibrant in every corner. The sea gently caresses it, and Vesuvius watches over it from above: the historic districts climb upward, from where there is a breathtaking view of the gulf and its surroundings.

From the point of view of rents in Naples, prices are quite volatile in the Parthenopean city, varying so much from area to area because of the profound differences in Naples’ neighborhoods. From the more residential areas of the historic center to the more complicated ones, always in the center and without looking at the suburbs, Naples is such a diverse and different city that it almost feels like changing cities every time you change neighborhoods.

Naples is a city you can fall in love with at first glance, where you can spend unforgettable days getting lost in its alleys and stores and where living, even if only for a brief interlude, perhaps for study, becomes a memorable experience. The city has a great university culture, its universities are world-famous for the very high quality of teaching and for being home to some of the greatest men of letters, scientists and jurists in Italy and Europe. For the past few years, some faculties have been relocated to suburban university hubs, far from the city, although excellently connected to most neighborhoods.

So if you find yourself looking for a room or apartment to rent in Naples, knowing the geography of the city and the merits and flaws of the main areas is a necessary starting point. Here, then, is a brief guide to the main neighborhoods of Naples.

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Old Town
Spanish Quarters

Old Town

It is the beating heart of the city, so beautiful and important that UNESCO found it necessary to include it among its heritages. This alone should give an initial indication of what it might mean to live in this area of Naples, where most commercial and social activities are developed. Bourgeois palaces, centers of art and culture, and nightclubs to experience Naples at any hour of the day or night, without a doubt the historic center is the ideal solution for those looking for an area where they can live and have fun at any hour of the day or night. It is excellently connected to the university areas of the city and to all services that may be useful to those studying and working in Naples. Price-wise, however, while it is not one of the most expensive neighborhoods in Naples, it is certainly not one of the cheapest either. The expense for a rental varies according to the area of the historic center, between those that have been redeveloped and those that, on the other hand, are still waiting for restoration work to restore them to their former beauty. In any case, prices roughly do not exceed 700 euros for a cozy apartment in one of the best areas.

Some faculties of Neapolitan universities are located right here, which is also why this neighborhood is so popular with off-campus students for their study stay in the city.


Spanish Neighborhoods

Over the years, this neighborhood has taken on various connotations, often not positive ones, but it is actually the area of Naples that has held most firmly to its origins and traditions. It should be specified that living here is not easy, it is necessary to leave behind prejudices and dive into avery special atmosphere in which even the simplest daily activity can become a telling experience. In this neighborhood, the liveliness and warmth of Neapolitans is expressed through strong personal contact: it is certainly not the neighborhood for those who like solitude, for introverted people; one always and constantly lives in close contact with the other inhabitants of the neighborhood, and it should come as no surprise that a simple outing to go to the market turns into a real adventure in which one knows the time one leaves the house but not the time one returns. We stop to chat a bit with everyone, exchange pleasantries, and not infrequently get invited for coffee. You can walk for hours in this area of Naples and never get bored, and all services are at your fingertips. The only advice is to be discreet, ask few questions and not be too curious. Otherwise, the cost of renting is also quite low, and with about 400/500 euros you can live in a nice house, in a convenient area, perhaps looking out to the sea of the Bay of Naples.


It is one of the central districts of Naples, the commercial area as it is usually called in recent years. This is where the city’s stores and businesses are concentrated. It is a bustling area, quite modern though set in a remarkable historical context, with so many reminders of this city’s past. Its nerve center is the central Vanvitelli Square and the pedestrian island around it. It is perfect for those looking for something different from the usual stereotypes about Naples and its chaotic and hectic life, where anyone can find their own mini-world, their own little universe without distorting their identity. From here, it is also an easy few minutes’ walk to the Naples waterfront, with its castle and splendid sights, but it is also easy to reach the historic center with a leisurely stroll. The cost of renting here is quite affordable and it is easy to find comfortable apartments that cost no more than 500 euros.



It is located slightly offset to the west, rather out of the city center, but absolutely suitable for those seeking the tranquility of a residential neighborhood surrounded by greenery and undergoing redevelopment.

It is located at the foot of the Posillipo hill and overlooks the Gulf of Pozzuoli, a scenic gem capable of giving extraordinary suggestions at sunrise and sunset, where you can find peace with yourself. Despite its relative remoteness from the historic center, the network of connections is quite developed and allows excellent connections in a short time to the main areas of Naples and to the university. The green areas in this neighborhood are numerous, from the Agnano racetrack to the beautiful beaches, via the island of Nisida. It is an industrial area undergoing redevelopment, but within a few years it will be one of the most livable neighborhoods in the city. For this reason, too, the price of houses for rent here is on average higher than in other neighborhoods in the area; between 500 and 600 euros are needed for a comfortable apartment, but surely in a few years their price will be even higher, given the beauty of Bagnoli.


This is the neighborhood for those who do not compromise, for those who seek only the best in which to live in Naples. Together with Chiaia, in fact, it is the chicest and most residential neighborhood in the city, positioned on a hill with a breathtaking view of the entire gulf. Some of the most luxurious and expensive houses in the entire city are located here. Certainly it is not a neighborhood suitable for everyone’s pocket, one needs to have at least a thousand euros a month to afford renting an apartment in Posillipo, but those who have the possibility certainly do not want to give up the idea of living in one of the most exclusive neighborhoods of the Partenopean city.

Excellently served and connected, the Posillipo neighborhood is ideal for those seeking the tranquility of a residential and well-maintained area, especially in its highest part where the most exclusive villas are located.

The city center is not far away, and the area is served by subways, streetcars, and buses that at frequent and regular intervals connect the various areas, including the university areas.



Like Posillipo, Chiaia is one of the most desirable neighborhoods to live in Naples. However, its vastness makes the neighborhood more elastic in terms of rental prices. In fact, since it is a residential neighborhood a stone’s throw from the sea, some of the most beautiful houses in all of Naples have sprung up here, overlooking the Lungomare Mergellina and the enchantment of the Gulf of Naples, from which to sweep your gaze to its islands on the clearest days.

Precisely because of its importance, the boutiques of the most fashionable brands have been set up here: between Piazza dei Martiri and Via Carlo Poerio, in fact, there are the chicest stores in the entire city. here, there is also room for the best restaurants and clubs of the historic Neapolitan movida, its bars, also frequented by illustrious personalities, and the cultural meeting places of so many artists who, in Naples, have put down their roots.

The economic breakdown as far as rents in this neighborhood are concerned is quite simple, because generalizing one can say that the most expensive rents (exceeding a thousand euros per month) are found along the outer strip towards the sea while, going further in, one finds the cheapest rents although, it must be said, it is hardly possible to find a cozy and accommodating apartment under 600 euros in the Chiaia neighborhood.

The area near Martyrs’ Square is also quite expensive, although not as expensive as the sea-side area.

If you are thinking of moving to Naples to start an adventure as an off-campus student, you will now have a clearer idea of where to look for housing; all you have to do is start your search among our listings of rooms and rooms for rent in Naples.

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