Parks Where to Study in Milan: the Best Neighborhood by Neighborhood.

Parks Where to Study in Milan: the Best Neighborhood by Neighborhood.

Even in a notoriously gray city like Milan, the arrival of warm weather can put a strain on the routine of the most dutiful college student: sunshine late into the night, the air getting warmer, and that Spring atmosphere that just doesn’t help us stay cooped up inside four walls.

In order not to go crazy between courses, appeals and exams, why not try studying outdoors?

The list of parks in Milan where to study, or enjoy some well-deserved relaxation!

The most beautiful parks in Milan

Milan although it is accused of being a concrete jungle, is actually a city with many parks and green areas, perfect for relaxing between exam sessions, and why not also for studying under the shade of a tree.

Milan City Center Parks

The most famous park in downtown Milan is undoubtedly the Sempione Park, located behind the Castello Sforzesco. A gathering place for tourists and Milanese, lunchtime workers and college students. There is a beautiful pond, equipped life trails for keeping fit, and a basketball court.

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In the Porta Venezia area there are also the Indro Montanelli public gardens, dating back to 1784 when they became Milan’s first park. The park is a real paradise in the center of Milan, well-kept and with many benches; there is also a swan and duckling pond and a planetarium inside.

The Indro Montanelli Gardens are also known for hosting many interesting events including the outdoor film festival Arianteo.

Finally, in the Navigli area stands the Pope John Paul I Park, also known as Basilica Park. During warm weather it is literally taken by storm by young people who choose its beautiful lawn to relax, sunbathe and study, behind the Basilica of San Lorenzo and the Basilica of Sant’Eustorgio. Several films have been filmed in this park, including Il Volatore di Aquiloni with Renato Pozzetto and Cucciolo with Massimo Boldi.

South Milan Parks

The southern area of Milan is chosen by several off-site students, having more affordable rental costs. One of its most beautiful urban parks is the Alessandrina Ravizza Park, dating back to the early 1900s. It became a popular gathering place for students from the middle of the last century, when the new Bocconi University building was built in its immediate vicinity.

One of the most well-known parks in South Milan is the Don Giussani Park, served by the Sant’Agostino stop of the green M2 Metro. The park was redeveloped in 2004 and houses a municipal swimming pool, a botanical trail and a dog area.

Other parks in Milan

Impossible not to mention the Forlanini Park, the largest in Milan, located to the east. But it is also worth mentioning the Park of the Quarries, located to the west in the Baggio district, and the park of Villa Scheibler, in City Hall 8, restored only in 2010.

Milan parks with wi-fi

Thanks to the service Open Wi-Fi Milan, there are many parks where you can navigate with a computer or smartphone. The network covers almost the entire city, but it is possible that in some parks the signal is a little too weak.

Alternatively, free WiFi has been installed at Sempione Park, as well as at the North Park, in the Cascina Centro Parco area. A great way to study or do research surrounded by nature, without the oppression of the four walls of a university study room!

Parks with bars

Finally, for coffee with friends or pre-dinner drinks, there is nothing better than being outdoors. Many parks in Milan have bars or kiosks, selling everything (from ice cream to sandwiches, from coffee to beers or cocktails) among them Sempione Park and Giardini Idro Montanelli.

Before we start

If you haven’t moved in yet, you will definitely need a room to rent in Milan, either downtown or in one of the neighborhoods that have green areas nearby. Well, for that you can search


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