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Out-of-town students: what to pack?

Out-of-town students: what to pack?

This is it, the long-awaited moment has come: you have enrolled in college, and you are looking forward to starting your new life. But you also have another thought on your mind, because you have not only chosen to pursue your studies, but also to do so in another city, away from your loved ones, family members and loved ones.

And among all the unknowns of the case, the first concerns the new arrangement. Apartment for rent or student house, roommates or not, proximity to the university or to the nightlife, possibility of street or garage parking–all these are things to be evaluated on a case-by-case basis, depending on each person’s needs, but to all these questions comes a Hamlet-like doubt: What to bring when moving to live in another city?

What to pack

After going through the preparations for departure, the time comes to leave for real, leaving home, family and friends once and for all, for a new and in some ways unique adventure. But from a practical point of view, what to pack? Let’s try to get some clarity on this, to avoid arriving in the new house more loaded than we should be, or conversely without much of the basics.

The golden rule however is to travel light: try to condense everything into one suitcase, don’t bring too many things because you know too well, you will never use them! Also, traveling to your new destination with as little luggage as possible will be much more comfortable.

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First tip: space in your suitcase is precious, so don’t bring your entire wardrobe! In fact, sooner or later you will return home, whether it’s for the holidays, a bridge or just to get away for a while after a tough exam session. And that’s why you don’t have to worry about running out of clothes, and anyway in case you need it, the city of your choice will have a market or a mall, right?

Bring with you a pair of smart clothes for possible chic evenings, a heavy and a light jacket, an umbrella and two or three pairs of shoes. The rest of the suitcase fill it (but without overdoing it) with comfortable clothes to face the hard college days, such as sweatshirts, jeans or T-shirts, and some spare underwear. And if you are a/fashion victim, try to keep your instincts at bay!


In the suitcases of third-millennium kids, clothes are increasingly giving way to technology. On the other hand. laptop, various charging outlets, tablet, spare cell phone, multiple outlets or adapters, USB flash drive, and why not a digital camera (but let it be compact!) are must-have accessories for those who choose to study away from home, and you cannot not bring them if you move to live in another city.

Linens and household items

No to dishes and glasses of course, but a big yes to sheets, bath towels, bath robe, and even the pillow if you are used to using that all the time and couldn’t do without it for such an extended period of time! And if the city to which you are about to move to live is a seaside town? well don’t forget your beach towel and bathing suit!

Personal hygiene

Toothbrush and toothpaste obviously can’t be missed, as well as toiletries you can’t give up, such as your perfume, deodorant, comb or makeup if you’re a girl. Put everything inside a small beauty case, it will remind you that you don’t have to overdo carrying too much stuff around!

Then don’t forget a simple emergency medicine kit. Nothing complicated, just aspirin, Band-Aids, tachipirin, sore throat pills, and a couple of supplements in case of diarrhea. All quietly available locally as well of course, but it is always best to have these products on hand so that you do not risk having to go out late at night to an unfamiliar city in search of a night pharmacy.


The ATM is a must, especially when you know that parents have just recharged your account! If, on the other hand, you do not have an account, make yourself a prepaid account before you leave and load it up with a small extra reserve of money, to be used in case of emergencies. Give the number to mom and dad as well, so should they feel magnanimous they can always refill it for you!

Instead, we recommend not carrying your credit card around unless you have special needs. You can still write down the number, expiration date and security code somewhere and use them to shop online as needed, leaving the original safe in your home safe.


We put it at the bottom of the list, but certainly not in importance: remember to bring your documents with you-a driver’s license and ID card, which are necessary both for registering the lease and for any other bureaucratic matters. Don’t make the mistake of leaving the originals at home and bringing photocopies with you; they are not accepted, even when checked by law enforcement.

Finally, take your passport with you, too, if you have it–maybe there is an airport in your chosen city in addition to the university, and you never know that you and your classmates might find an offer for a low-cost trip to some exotic destination!

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