Out-of-state life in Siena

Out-of-state life in Siena

It is out-of-state students who fuel much of the rental market in Siena, but where do they come from? A study by the University of Siena reveals that the top spot is held by the Campania region, with 7 percent of total enrollment. This is followed closely by Sicily, Lazio and Puglia (with 5 percent). There are also many students from other Tuscan cities who, precisely because of the high quality of the University of Siena, choose to move a few dozen kilometers from home and try the adventure in the city of the Palio. But how is it that Siena attracts so many students? Many factors influence the choice.

For students who come from large cities in the north and south, the idea of moving to a “city on a human scale” and at the same time the opportunity to enjoy a high-level education in a small-sized university is of great importance. For central students, and here we echo the observations made for Tuscan students, there is the added advantage of proximity to place of residence (mom is always mom!).

Nice city on a human scale, nice university…but every once in a while you have to go home and then problems arise. Apulian students, for example, face a salty (€42.50) 9-hour bus ride; worse is the case for Sicilian students, who far exceed 14 hours of travel time; life is also hard for Sardinians, who are forced into a bus-plane combination, for 7 hours of travel time and a cost of about €90 or bus-ferry, 12 hours and €60.

Difficult speech even for those closer to home who have to travel by train. The prices charged are definitely high, and often, in order to save a few euros, students prefer to take trains that take much longer to travel. The best solution is to try to purchase a ticket for the trip in advance, taking advantage of Trenitalia’s offers.

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If you would like to read a comprehensive guide to choosing a home, not only in Siena, we recommend you take a look at
this article
from the website, an interesting in-depth study that is sure to lend a hand to all out-of-state students.

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