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Off-site university students: complete guide to tax breaks

Off-site university students: complete guide to tax breaks

Rent tax deductions for college students

The tax breaks for university students include the possibility to deduct 19% of the rents incurred by off-site university students.

This facilitation concerns both ordinary and transitional lease contracts , with a variable duration from six months to two years.

The tax deduction is also granted to those who rent a room in a house (not for subletting) and to those who rent to attend universities located abroad in countries of the European Union or the European economic area.

The spending ceiling for the 19% tax deduction is set at 2,633 euros per year.

Requirements for the student rental tax deduction

To take advantage of the undergraduate student tax breaks on rents, students must meet certain requirements:

  1. Be enrolled in a degree, master’s or doctoral course at an Italian or foreign university.
  2. Have a different registered residence from that of the university attended.
  3. Have a registered lease.

Calculation of the tax deduction

The tax deduction of 19% is calculated on the total expenses incurred for the rent, up to the maximum ceiling of 2,633 euros. To calculate the actual amount of the deduction, simply multiply the total expenses incurred by 19%.

Discounts and concessions for university rentals

In addition to the tax deduction on rents, university students can take advantage of other tax breaks :

  1. Deduction of 19% of expenses incurred for enrollment in degree, master and doctoral courses.
  2. Exemption from IRPEF for some types of scholarships provided by public bodies.

university student tax deductions

How to get tax breaks on university rents

To get the university student tax breaks on rents, you need to follow these steps:

  1. Maintain rental documentation, such as a registered rental agreement and payment receipts.
  2. Fill in the tax return, indicating the expenses incurred for the rent in the section dedicated to tax deductions. It is important to make sure that you enter the details of the lease and the expenses incurred correctly.
  3. Send the tax return to the Revenue Agency within the established deadlines.

Tax deduction for university expenses

The university student tax breaks also include the deduction of 19% of the expenses incurred for enrollment in degree, master and doctoral courses. For state universities, there is no spending cap, while for private universities, the cap on fees and contributions due to state institutions applies.

Scholarships and tax treatment

Scholarships are considered as income from employment and subject to the same tax treatment. However, some types of scholarships provided by public bodies are exempt from IRPEF according to specific regulations. To check if your scholarship is exempt from IRPEF, it is advisable to consult the regulatory provisions or contact the scholarship provider.

university student tax breaks

How to find tax-advantaged university accommodation

For students interested in finding university accommodation that will allow them to benefit from university student tax breaks , here are some suggestions:

  1. Consult the university web pages, which often provide information on subsidized accommodation and suggestions for finding suitable housing solutions.
  2. Search the web for platforms and sites specialized in finding accommodation for university students, such as Uniaffitti .
  3. Contact the student assistance offices of the universities, who can provide useful information and advice for finding suitable accommodation.
  4. Seek advice from other students who have already faced the search for university accommodation, in order to get suggestions based on their direct experience.

Regional and local tax breaks for university students

In addition to nationwide tax breaks, university students can also benefit from discounts and incentives offered regionally and locally. In fact, some regions and municipalities offer specific tax breaks for off-site students, such as discounts on university fees, rent contributions or scholarships.

To find out about regional and local tax breaks, it is advisable to consult the websites of the Regions, Municipalities and universities, or contact the student assistance offices.


University student tax breaks are an important support tool for students who have to deal with expenses related to rent and enrollment in university courses.

Being informed about the requirements, methods of access and the different types of concessions available is essential for optimizing one’s tax situation and reducing the overall cost of studies.

Inquiring promptly and adequately keeping the necessary documentation will allow you to make the most of these opportunities and simplify the management of your university career.

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