More relevant ads, interaction and quality

More relevant ads, interaction and quality

More relevant ads, interaction and quality

In this article we want to address a very important topic, how can we find the most relevant ads for our users? And most importantly, what are the most valuable features?

If we were to ask you this question, we would most likely have hundreds of answers: some would say by the price, others by the date it was entered, still others by thehost who entered it or the location it is in. In short,
there is no one-size-fits-all way to order ads
, which is why we are working hard on this aspect.

Most relevant announcements: key concepts

Let’s start with the basics: we believe there are some notions that can be considered universal, and knowing them can help you understand our portal more thoroughly and rent your room faster!


Completing 100% of your profile on uniaffairs is very important to allow a more informed choice for our users and to give credibility to your account. Completing the profile does not mean making all the information public, we will be the ones to guard it, one of our strengths is to ensure the privacy of our users!

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In everyday life, we are used to receiving answers in real time, thanks to whatsapp or facebook messenger.
Responding quickly to a rental inquiry or contact request is definitely a key point
of whether you are a good host or a good tenant!


No one likes to waste time, so why do we have to do that when we are looking for a house? Condo fees, type of contract offered, services available or the type of heating are simple additional information that saves a lot of time, for everyone!!!


What does your apartment look like? How many rooms are there? How many bathrooms? Is there a living room? There are many aspects you can specify that will help you quickly conclude a rental negotiation.


The statistics we carried out showed that hosts who access the platform daily are the ones who receive the most contact requests from people looking for a room to rent.

These are just some of the factors we consider important in giving value to an ad. What do you think? Write us your thoughts, we would love to read your opinion about it!

In short, the road to perfection is long and winding,
but our team of data scientists is up for the challenge to have an amazing result!


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