Message boards in Siena

Message boards in Siena

Traditionally, the most popular means used by college students in their search for housing (in Siena, as in any other Italian city) is the bulletin board.

Posting a message on university bulletin boards and in transient student areas (cafeterias and copy shops the most popular) is a way to make direct contact with all those who frequent university venues: students first and foremost, but also homeowners who have realized the potential of these places for information exchange. But before we go to a virtual bulletin board, let’s try looking for a room to rent in Siena, even online 😉

Let’s look at some brief advice for those who plan to avail themselves of this communication venue; what should never be missing from an ad:

  • the date of posting, which is crucial both for those who read it (to assess its “freshness”) and for those who regularly clean the bulletin boards (ads without a date are trashed with great pleasure);
  • at least a phone number with a name paired with it, to make things easier for any people interested in the ad;
    advisable also an e-mail, which is still not enough on its own;
  • a clear statement of why you posted the ad; it must always be clear whether you are seeking, or offering, something;
  • A brief description of your research object;
  • a few images to attract the attention of passersby (the only limit is your imagination and a little common sense);


Below are the “busiest” bulletin boards in Siena:

Faculty of Arts and Philosophy – via Roma, 47
Faculty of Economics – St. Francis Square, 7
General Secretariat – via Sallustio Bandini, 25
Bandini Canteen – via Sallustio Bandini, 47
St. Agatha Canteen – St. Agatha Street 1
Library “Crypt of St. Francis” – St. Francis Square, 7
“University for Foreigners” Library – Pantaneto Street, 107
“La Lizza” bus station – Gramsci Square

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