Looking for a room? Insert a request!

Looking for a room? Insert a request!

From today, if you are looking for a room or apartment to rent, you have an extra weapon: you can post a rental request, explaining who you are and what you are looking for. Those looking for a tenant or roommate can then browse through the various applications, looking for profiles that are related and compatible with what is offered, and then make contacts and to whom they can offer their own solution.

Profile: who you are

In the profile part, “Enter Your Information,” in addition to giving essential information such as your age, the city you live in, your profession, and whether or not you are a smoker, you have the option of giving a brief description of yourself, a brief profile that will help those who have a vacant room or apartment figure out if you may be made for each other: tell in a few lines about your passions and habits, what you look for in a cohabitation (companionship or quiet? Friends or silent cohabitants?), what are the most important things in your daily life.

Then add a picture: who would put someone in the house without ever having seen them?

Request details: what are you looking for

Instead, in the next section you can give detailed information about what you are looking for: what kind of housing, what your budget is, since when and how long you are looking. You can detail the individual amenities and also the appliances you would like to have in the house.

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Looking for a room or apartment for rent? This is it, it’s your time: enter a request!

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