Is it possible to live in Milan as a student?

Is it possible to live in Milan as a student?

Living in Milan can be an incredibly exciting experience for students! This vibrant and cosmopolitan city is renowned for its distinctive culture, incredible architecture and fashion. Whether they live in the historic center or in one of the surrounding neighborhoods, students will find themselves surrounded by elegant stores and restaurants, impressive galleries and monuments, as well as numerous opportunities to socialize with Milan’s vibrant international community. No wonder living in Milan is the top choice among students who want to explore new cultures and receive a quality education!

Is living in Milan expensive for a student?

Living in Milan as a student does not have to be a feat. Although it is one of the most expensive cities in Italy, the cost of living and renting can be managed if you know what lifestyle choices to make. It is not necessary to immerse oneself in a life of luxury. Living in cheaper apartments away from the city center means living instead of shopping.

Take a look at the average prices of rooms and apartments in Milan.

Cheap pubs and bars also offer prospects for student nightlife! Milan offers many cultural experiences without having to spend much. There are 14 universities offering free access to some buildings, with architectural tours, concerts and exhibitions featuring various artists. These are just a few examples of how cheap living in Milan can offer many opportunities for students!

How much does it cost a student to live in Milan?

Milan compared to other cities in Italy is definitely more expensive. It is expected to be around 1,200 euros per month (including rent) as a student.

How much are tuition fees at universities in Milan?

Attending university in Milan can be frighteningly expensive. Tuition fees are generally higher than at universities located in other parts of Italy, so living in Milan may require more financial resources.

Average prices of universities in Milan

In general, if you are attending a bachelor’s degree program, tuition fees average around 1,500 euros per year at public universities in Milan and 6,000 to 17,000 euros per year at private institutions. If these figures scare you, don’t worry: there is usually plenty of financial aid and scholarships available for students living in Milan that can help offset or even completely cover the cost of tuition.

Each Milanese university has a reputation for being highly specialized in a particular field

Milan is home to some of the most prestigious universities in Europe, and living there as a student can be an extraordinary cultural journey. The University of Milan, also known as UNIMI, focuses on arts and humanities subjects, social sciences and engineering. For health-related studies, there is the University of Milan-Bicocca or IULM University, which specializes in communication studies. Politecnico di Milano is ideal for students who wish to major in science, thanks to its comprehensive offering of courses in physics, chemistry, mathematics and more. And don’t forget Bocconi University, which offers an impressive array of economics courses. If you dream of living in Milan as a college student, look no further than these world-class learning encounters!

Living in Milan: tips on how to save money as a student

For a student living in Milan on a tight budget, saving money can be difficult. But don’t worry, there are many tips that can help you make the most of your money! From student discounts to meal preparation to budgeting and living with roommates. There are many small but effective ways to save money. Before you buy something new or eat out, ask yourself if you need it. This simple question can save you a lot of money over time. When shopping, try to make a list of the items you want and look around for the best deals. And don’t forget the power of living with roommates. If divided between two or more people, overhead costs such as rent and utilities will be drastically reduced. Saving money as a student in Milan may seem daunting at first, but remember to stick to your budget and you will be able to better manage your finances!



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