Incidental expenses: between landlord and tenant

Incidental expenses: between landlord and tenant

The term “incidental expenses” refers to the set of expenses other than rent, including utility expenses, condominium expenses for the maintenance of common areas, facilities maintenance, replacement of fixtures or new painting: Confedilizia and three tenant unions (Sicet, Sunia and Uniat) recently signed the new table of expenses allocation between landlord and tenant, clarifying and trying to make their distribution clear and transparent (qua the Table of allocation of incidental expenses).

Expenses to be borne by the owner

Listed in the table as “landlord” (letter “L”), the homeowner is burdened:

  • extraordinary expenses (installation or modernization of facilities)
  • 10% of concierge fees
  • The purchase of fire extinguishers or the arrangement of fire-fighting systems


The expenses borne by the tenant

Referred to in the table as “tenant” (letter “C”), the tenant is required to support:

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  • routine maintenance expenses and minor repairs
  • consumption charges (for energy, electricity, gas, water, connectivity) and related readings
  • 90% of concierge fees
  • inspections and testing of facilities (elevator, autoclave, lighting systems, video intercom and video surveillance, television reception and information flows)
  • The refilling of fire extinguishers and maintenance of fire-fighting systems

When signing the lease, whether it is a regular lease or a student lease, it is essential that the amount of money that the tenant will be required to pay annually or monthly for incidental expenses be stated.

The table for apportioning incidental expenses can also be a useful reference at the contracting stage: landlords and tenants who would like to integrate it into their lease agreement may simply refer to it expressly within the contract, taking care to indicate the place and date on which the table was registered with the Internal Revenue Service (Rome, 4/30/2014) and the registration number (No. 8455/3).

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