How to find the right motivation to study

How to find the right motivation to study

Studying is known not to be for everyone. Beyond personal issues and aptitudes, choosing to pursue the path after high school graduation puts you in front of an important choice. On the one hand, the world of work, with its “easy” earnings (at least for an 18- to 19-year-old boy) and much-coveted economic independence. On the other hand, deciding to continue student life for another 3 to 5 years, struggling to learn concepts that are significantly more complex than those to which one is accustomed, face exams, appeals and irritating professors, in the hope that perhaps, one day, it will be possible to obtain a degree that will allow for a more prestigious and financially satisfying career.

But often the road to the finish line is long and full of pitfalls, the years go by and college never seems to end, working friends in the meantime have bought the motorcycle, the car, the latest trendy cell phone, maybe someone has even already taken out a mortgage to buy a house. And in the meantime, you continue to study, either at home on your parents’ dime or off-site sharing an apartment with roommates, with your head bowed, no money in your pocket, and many exams still ahead before you catch a glimpse of the end of your studies. In this case you must have strong motivation to keep going and not risk giving up. Motivation that you can find in different ways: let’s see how!

The importance of having good motivation

Finding the motivation to study is crucial to succeeding in the end of a degree program in a reasonable time and, above all, without too much effort. It sounds utopian, but it is precisely this aspect that will make the difference and succeed in getting you to the longed-for thesis discussion.

Having a good motivation Will enable you to get up in the morning strong and determined, determined to take that very hostile course, taught by that very arrogant professor, and even to stay at the university to study in the afternoons, instead of going home as many of your fellow students do, who surely, if they are not as motivated as you are, will never be able to graduate!

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Tips and tricks

Here are a series of tips and tricks for finding good motivation to study

1) Don’t go home after classes

Studying at the university, whether in the library or study rooms, is a great way to stay with an active brain, in a suitable environment, and especially without distractions of any kind.Between the refrigerator, couch, video game consoles, and disturbing parents or siblings, the home environment is really hostile for a college student. The best motivation is found precisely in a stimulating environment, but that’s not all: by staying to study at the university you will discover a new world, meet lots of people, make friends, and most importantly, at least initially, have friendly faces with whom to share pre-exam stress and frustration.

2) Think about the future

Did your childhood friend go to work after he graduated from high school and with the money from his first paychecks bought himself a new car, so much so that he still lives at home with his parents and doesn’t know how to spend it? Don’t envy him, and think that you will be able to buy an even better car someday thanks to your degree! Of course, this is a bit of an exaggerated concept, but it’s just to make the point: thinking about the future is a very strong motivation to finish college.

In part, these are mere platitudes, but they are nonetheless supported by numerous statistics: college graduates find better jobs, have better salaries, are job-happier, and can aspire to higher positions in the company. Of course, there are exceptions, and it also depends a lot on the degree program you choose. But on average, a college graduate has a better career. And this can be a very strong motivation: I will struggle 3 years but I will live better for the rest of my working life.

3) Think about the exam.

If you are studying and you don’t feel like it anymore, before you close the book and turn on your smartphone (or better yet, go out with friends) create a mental picture in which you are standing in front of the professor, on the day of the exam, and you are asked that very question you don’t know how to answer. Flunking is just around the corner, and retaking an exam is never psychologically easy.Therefore, thinking about being unprepared on the day of an exam can spark you inside to find the right motivation and study an extra hour or so.

4) Divide and rule

That is, “divide and conquer” -a fighting technique the ancient Romans implemented when it came to subjugating rival peoples by dividing the territories to be conquered into smaller areas, and thus easier to attack with the army. Do the same with your study subjects: if an exam seems too big, too complex or even an insurmountable obstacle, divide it into parts, and study them thoroughly one by one. You can divide it according to chapters in the textbook, or according to weeks of class, the important thing is that you stop looking at the course as a whole: see it as broken down into many small topics, and conquer them one by one: it is a Perfect technique for finding the right motivation to study!

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