Guide to the best neighborhoods in Turin

Guide to the best neighborhoods in Turin

Are you a student looking for the best neighborhoods to explore in Turin? You are in the right place! Turin is a vibrant city with extraordinary architecture, delicious food and cultural attractions. Each of its varied neighborhoods has something unique to offer in terms of lodging, entertainment and relaxation. The city offers a plethora of different experiences and exciting discoveries. Whether you are looking for vibrant nightlife, outdoor adventures or simply a relaxed atmosphere away from it all, Turin offers lively options to suit all tastes.

Districts of Turin: Center

Turin’s central district is a vibrant and exciting place, especially for students. Turin’s main attractions, such as the Mole Antonelliana, the Egyptian Museum and Palazzo Madama, are all within walking distance. The natural beauty of Turin really shines in this area. The city’s parks and green spaces offer an excellent opportunity to escape the urban hustle and bustle. In addition, Turin’s nightlife thrives in this area, with countless cafes, pubs, and restaurants vying for attention.

Districts of Turin: San Salvario

San Salvario is one of Turin’s most vibrant and unique neighborhoods. It is a multicultural area, where people from all over the world reside, making it an incredibly diverse area. In San Salvario you can find restaurants serving authentic cuisines from around the world, including Turkish, Vietnamese, Senegalese, and Afro-Caribbean dishes. Throughout the year, you can also participate in numerous cultural events designed for students and young people. Whether it’s summer music festivals or winter markets, there is something for everyone in San Salvario!

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Districts of Turin: Vanchiglia

A cultural center located in the center of Turin, Vanchiglia offers something for everyone. As one of the most densely populated neighborhoods in the city, you will find an array of bars, restaurants and clubs that offer an unforgettable nightlife experience. Due to its proximity to the University of Turin, Vanchiglia is a popular place for students. In addition to its vibrant nightlife and student-friendly environment, Vanchiglia also boasts some of the city’s major tourist attractions, including Dora Park, Civic Gallery of Modern and Contemporary Art, and Teatro Regio Torino. Vanchiglia is one of Turin’s most important neighborhoods, with numerous activities for both residents and tourists.

Districts of Turin: Crocetta

Turin’s neighborhoods are full of wonders and fascinating stories, and Crocetta is no exception! Crocetta has long been a sought-after address for students and young people who want to experience the vibrancy of the city. It features old villas, cozy cafes, large green spaces, unique boutiques and excellent transportation opportunities. Visitors will have plenty to do-from strolling around Republic Square to exploring some of Turin’s superb, world-famous art galleries. It combines true Turin beauty with an eclectic mix of activities that make it one of Turin’s best neighborhoods.

Districts of Turin: Cenisia

Cenisia, one of Turin’s most dynamic and vibrant student neighborhoods, resonates with energy and excitement. Once a year, locals take to the streets to celebrate Carnival, which takes place near Corso Francia. Its vibrant nightlife offers something for everyone, with art galleries, pubs, cafes and wine houses scattered everywhere. As for life in general in this neighborhood, supermarkets, pharmacies and other basic services are readily available. What sets Cenisia apart is its culture-rich history that has been preserved through landmarks such as Maria-Ausiliatrice Square, where festivals and booths promoting local traditions are held every summer.

Districts of Turin: Borgo Rossini

Borgo Rossini is a lively neighborhood in Turin. It was built as an industrial area in the early 1900s, but has since been transformed into one of Turin’s most popular neighborhoods. This area stands out for its many delicious food options, unique stores, and traditional markets. For students who wish to explore new cultures, Borgo Rossini offers numerous activities. From attending cultural events to exploring Italian art exhibitions on display in local museums and galleries, there are many ways to experience Turin culture while residing in Borgo Rossini.

Districts of Turin: Borgo Po

Borgo Po, one of Turin’s neighborhoods, is a lively and energetic area. If you are a student visiting Turin, we recommend you go to Borgo Po! It is the place where locals like to go out for a bite to eat or coffee. There is also the possibility of shopping, as the area has small boutiques that are popular with Turin residents. Best of all, it is easy to reach! It is well connected by public transportation, so you can easily reach many other parts of Turin as well. The lively atmosphere and friendly locals make Borgo Po an interesting place to visit on any day!

Turin neighborhoods: great destination for students

After experiencing Turin’s best neighborhoods, it is easy to see why this vibrant city is a prime destination for students. From Crocetta to Vanchiglia, there is an incredible variety of culture, nightlife and attractions in these unique areas. Whether you want to admire the beautiful view of the Mole Antonelliana or cool off in Vittorio Veneto Square. Turin has something special to offer to all who visit it. With its inspired architecture, chic boutiques, and delicious food, Turin has established itself as one of the best Italian cities to explore and experience!


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