Guide to the 7 best neighborhoods in Bologna

Guide to the 7 best neighborhoods in Bologna

How is the quality of life in Bologna?

Bologna is an excellent place for out-of-towners who wish to enjoy authentic Italian culture, a low cost of living and a good standard of living. In this city you can get all the services that a cosmopolitan metropolis offers, without the hubbub of a big city.

You will be surrounded by many young, international people in Bologna, where thousands of students come to study at the world’s oldest university and many young professionals settle in to enjoy a healthy work-life balance. Bologna, not surprisingly, has a vibrant nightlife.

No doubt, the city’s artwork, architecture, culture and history will fascinate you for weeks. After all, it is not possible to live in a city known as the gastronomic capital of Italy or to walk every day under arcades that are part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Overall, Bologna is a sizeable city that will keep you busy while being compact enough to get around via the city’s public transportation system. It is also perfectly located, making it easy to travel to surrounding cities such as Milan, Florence and Venice.

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Bologna is generally a safe city throughout the day. Therefore, wherever you choose to reside in Bologna, you will generally feel safe. However, as in any major metropolis, it is good to watch out for pickpockets.

The 7 best areas in Bologna

In Bologna, every neighborhood has something special to offer. Therefore, we provide you with our top 7 neighborhoods in Bologna to help you make a decision.

Districts of Bologna: Historic Center

Quality of life

The Centro Storico of Bologna is the most picturesque heart of the city. The city can be expected to have one of the highest standards of living.

Here you will find medieval structures, winding streets, Roman arches, and a number of upscale restaurants serving regional dishes. You can reach Piazza Maggiore by walking through the heart of the city. The church of San Petronio, the Neptune Fountain and several market squares are located here.

From the Old Town, it is possible to reach the main train station and move easily on foot to other Italian cities.


Due to its strategic location, the Old Town attracts a fantastic mix of residents and visitors from all over the world. No one will make you feel out of place.

Districts of Bologna: University District

Within the ancient city walls, next to the Old Town, is the University District. It is home to the oldest university in the world, the University of Bologna. Thousands of Italian and international students continue to attend the university each year, which has become a major tourist destination in the city.

The main attractions in this neighborhood are libraries and museums. When it gets dark, the area turns into one of the main centers of nightlife, where people in their 20s and 30s gather to party and drink in pubs and clubs.


This neighborhood is home to a mixed group of young international and Italian students because of the university.

Districts of Bologna: Jewish Ghetto

Quality of life

The Jewish Ghetto was the Jewish quarter of Bologna, located between the Centro Storico and the university area. The area is now known for its distinctive architecture and atmosphere in contrast to the rest of Bologna.

One of the most charming areas of the city is the Jewish Ghetto, where brightly colored buildings line the alleys that lead to small squares where you can sip authentic Italian coffee.

On Via dell’Inferno, where the synagogue once stood, there are now several independent art galleries. Unique jewelry and historic works of art can be purchased here, and you can also visit the Jewish Museum, which often hosts changing exhibitions.


It is one of the oldest and most residential neighborhoods in Bologna. It is difficult to find internationals in this area, especially since it is a business center.

Districts of Bologna: Bolognina

Quality of life

Bolognina is the right place for those who want to live in a quiet neighborhood away from the noise of the city. Residents of this multicultural neighborhood north of Bologna include residents, immigrants, families and students.

Although it is far from the city center, this neighborhood is thriving. There are many bars, clubs, authentic Bolognese trattorias and international restaurants here.


Foreigners and locals alike are attracted to the multi-ethnic and culturally diverse region known as Bolognina. In this neighborhood, residents, immigrant families and senior citizens live side by side with young professionals and students.

Districts of Bologna: Bologna Fairgrounds

Quality of life

The city center and the Bologna Trade Fair are both close by. Thanks to regional fairs, events and trade festivals, this area-the city’s business district-is popular with business people. Overall, it is the perfect location for both workers and those seeking affordable housing.

Visiting FICO Italy World, the world’s largest food park, is one of the most fascinating things to do at the Bologna Fair. Italian cooking and gastronomy are taught in person in the culinary park. You can visit the factories to see how some of Italy’s most famous dishes are produced.


Thanks to its events and fairs, Bologna Fiere is one of the most popular districts for local and foreign professionals. People and professionals from many different countries can be found here.

Districts of Bologna: Colli Bolognesi

Quality of life

The richest and most opulent area of Bologna is called Colli Bolognesi. It is the area to choose if you want to live close to the city but in a serene and peaceful natural environment.

The Bolognese Hills include the Colli Bolognesi. Although it is only 15 minutes from the city center, it is full of bushes, parks and rural views.


Colli Bolognesi is a predominantly residential area that attracts affluent families, young professionals, and wealthy students.

Districts of Bologna: Borgo Panigale

Quality of life

One of the most expensive neighborhoods in Bologna is called Borgo Panigale. Some of Italy’s most opulent companies, including Ducati, are based here. It is located halfway between the airport and the historic center.


Despite its manufacturing history, this is still an ideal neighborhood for young foreigners, especially those seeking a more urban environment.

Which neighborhood in Bologna best suits my needs?

Do you wish to reside near the city center and are you willing to pay more for convenience? In Bologna’s Centro Storico neighborhood you can feel at home.

The university district is an ideal place for students and young professionals on a budget who want to live close to the city center. Here you can find everything you need at a fair price.

Bolognina and Colli Bolognesi offer the opportunity to live close to the city center but in a quiet neighborhood. However, it should be kept in mind that these quiet residential regions require considerable expense.

For those seeking a city atmosphere, Borgo Panigale and Bologna Fiere are suitable. High-income professionals may find their ideal home here.

You can start looking for your next accommodation in this hospitable and ancient city now that you know what each area of Bologna offers and which one best meets your needs!

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